Use with Rodecaster Pro?

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Use with Rodecaster Pro?

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I am trying to connect to Discord using a Microphone connected to Rodecaster Pro. The connection to Discord is via VM AUX channel. I find that either I get reverberations when I try to record the Discord channel with Reaper as a test if the Podmic is connected into the VM AUX channel or I cannot hear myself back from Discord even if I can hear myself in Discord. I have tried a lot of different things to get around this impasse but nothing has worked.

I just tried to upload a screen shot of the VM Banana console and it did not work. How can you diagnose the problem without snapshots of the configuration of VM Banana? What am I missing?

Here is what is unclear to me. How does one get around the conundrum of either not hearing the voice back from discord or getting reverb because one is feeding that line into the VM AUX channel.

I do not understand what B-> on VM Aux means and whether that should be checked or not. What does the self-hearing of the channel signify operationally?

I have an Rode NT USB Mini Mic that plugs into the computer and I do not have this problem. It works perfectly at this time after much struggle. But when the microphone is part of the Rodecaster then there seems to be some barrier to getting the sound back or producing reverb no matter which mic I use on the rodecaster.

Hope you can give me some hints.
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