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Possible bug with Macro Buttons and VM Potato when changing channel labels

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2020 2:27 am
by slantalpha
I'm using Macro Buttons v1.0.3.1 and Voicemeeter Potato v3.0.1.3 to change channel names.

Inside of my Macro Button configuration, strip(x).label refers to hardware input channels 1-3 when x = 0-2. Channel labels get applied correctly.

The issue is when x = 3 and x = 4 (for hardware inputs 4 and 5). Also, I expected x = 5 to reference the Voicemeeter VAIO Input, x = 6 for the Voicemeeter AUX Input, and x = 7 for the Voicemeeter VAIO 3 Input.

To my surprise, x = 3 references the Voicemeeter VAIO Input and x = 4 references the Voicemeeter AUX Input even though I'm running VM Potato. This looks like the mapping for VM Banana:

strip(0) = Hardware Input 1
strip(1) = Hardware Input 2
strip(2) = Hardware Input 3
strip(3) = Voicemeeter VAIO Input
strip(4) = Voicemeeter AUX Input

As we all know, VM Potato has the additional channels Hardware Input 4, Hardware Input 5, and the VAIO 3 Input. In strip(x), what should "x" be to change the channel labels for these additional channels? I tried using strip(5).label, strip(6).label, strip(7).label, but they don't seem to change anything.

On the Voicemeeter Remote API, iVMR.VBVMR_SetParameterStringW("Strip[x].Label"), also seems to have the same bug as Macro Buttons when setting the channel label with VM Potato.

iVMR.VBVMR_GetParameterStringW("Strip[x].Label") seems to return the label for the correct VM Potato channel though.

Re: Possible bug with Macro Buttons and VM Potato when changing channel labels

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2020 9:53 am
by Vincent Burel
yes, this has already been reported... it's corrected in next update (September 2020).