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Feature Request: Comp./Gate Controls

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 2:47 pm
by Nikko
Would it be possible to add compression controls, particularly a threshold before the compression turns on? As I turn up the compression, I get more and more of the room sounds which I don't want of course. I would prefer to only add compression when I'm speaking. I know I can add a gate to the channel, but the attack feels a little slow and sometimes cuts off the first syllable. And the release leaves the room sounds enhanced for a while after I finish speaking.

Could we right-click on the dial and get a pop-up with [threshold, attack, release and output gain] for the compressor and [open, attack, hold, close and release] settings for the gate that we can adjust? If all the settings aren't possible, at the very least the threshold setting for the compressor would be really helpful.