Installing Voicemeeter

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Installing Voicemeeter

Post by bluemax »

After travelling around for the last couple of years, my stuff finally arriving at my new home, I have come to the part where I need to install all the hardware I want to use with Voicemeeter. I have watched the videos on Youtube, some are good, some are great.

The main problem with many of them is that they all want to use Voicemeeter with OBS, which is not something I want to do.

Part of the problem, is there are so many videos, that I'm getting confused. Which is why I am asking here, for some help to setup the system.

Here is what I have:

Could someone please layout the steps I need to setup my system.

Thank you.
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Re: Installing Voicemeeter

Post by sjc-or »

Not knowing much about how the Creative Omni works and how it exposes its interface, it is hard to tell whether you will be able to separate the attached devices separately.

1) Make sure everything is connected and the Voicemeeter VAIO is set up as default recording device and playback device in Windows 10
2) Make sure everything is at the same bitrate (using Windows sound manager)
3) Nothing seems to have ASIO driver that I can tell so set up input and outputs as follows: to start. Set everything to WDM driver
Creative Mic - A1
Laptop Mic - A2
Fifine USB Mic - A3

Actually on the above use your highest quality interface for A1
Creative Omni - A1 (assuming this is just one driver to all 3 attached devices
Bluetooth Speaker - A2

If the devices attached to the Creative Omni are exposed to Windows separate you might be able to attach as follow:

Grundig Soundbar - A1
T40 Speakers - A2
Earbuds - A3
Bluetooth Speaker A4

Unclear how you want to route to applications. I usually attach most to VAIO, Communication related to VAI2 and Music related to VAI3
I also use VB Cable for use with my Browser as hardware input.

I hope this helps at least get you started. If you want online coaching/walkthrough send email to sjcaldwell at mail dot com and I can provide my prices for paid consulting services. I have none of your gear so we would have to walk through it on your gear with a bit of trial and error to get things working. In general, if bitrates match and you are still getting some audio quality issues, move from the WDM driver to MME driver (at the cost of addtional latency.
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