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VB install bug, non major

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 12:41 am
by GridMonkey

So i have VB Cables A/B/C/D installed as well as Potato. Windows 10 64 bit Pro.

I decided today to install 3014 since i had nothing else to do this evening.
Uninstalled 3013, restarted, downloaded 3014, installed, restarted.

I run all of my devices at 16bit, 48000 hz(dvd Quality) according to windows. It's all one of my microphones can do so i keep everything the same. I went into sound device properties and was checking though (Potato defaults to 24bit, 48000,) when i noticed that my Playback devices VB-Audio cables A and B inputs had gotten renamed to "Voicemeeter VAIO3 input" and "Voicemeeter AUX input"

The recording devices Cables A and B were renamed "Voicemeeter Aux Output" and "Voicemeeter Output" and the icon had gotten changed on the VB-Audio Cable B

Lower in the list were the proper Voicemeeter input and output devices.

Nothing about the virtual cables was altered from their settings aside from their names (which i'm pretty sure i renamed after installing them a while back for ease of pathing,) and the one icon.

So, small bug, nothing system breaking i think, and as a feature request perhaps, and option to set the bit/sample rate on voicemeeter on install.

Amazing Program. i look forward to continue using it.

Re: VB install bug, non major

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 8:21 pm
by Vincent Burel
yes , this is something we talk about in this topic:

and this one too:

Re: VB install bug, non major

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2020 1:28 am
by GridMonkey
Oh, sorry, I did not catch that as i had neither of those problems so I hadn't gone looking. My VAC's stayed functional even with out voicemeeter so I assumed it was just a glitch on the install. You can remove this post if you consider it redundant.