intermittent clicking sound with Potato

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intermittent clicking sound with Potato

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I have a licensed version of Potato.

Windows 10, fully updated


Gaming computer connected via optical link to streaming computer
Computer stays on all the time, also used for work. So it has days to weeks of uptime
Potato running on gaming computer, Banana running on streaming computer

3 hardware outputs configured on streaming computer
  • A1 - Digital Output
    A2 - speakers
    A3 - unused
    A4 - bluetooth headset
    A5 - unused
Playing Kerbal Space Program
EarTrumpet used to adjust which audio channel different programs use. I have KSP on AUX, while most others are on VAIO 3. I did experience this previously when I was not using EarTrumpet


While playing on stream, an audible click (which may be a moment of silence) is heard, about once a second.
Totally shutting down Potato and restarting didn't help

Immediate solution
Shut down Potato, start up Banana & configure

Longer Term
Reboot system, load Potato, perfect sound

I'm not sure if this is a Potato problem or a Windows problem. I also don't know what else you would need to help.

Thank you
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