Filter out just ONE voice on a shared environment

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Filter out just ONE voice on a shared environment

Post by charlieacu »

Does anybody have a successful setup for the next use case?

I'm working with my wife in the same open office/space and we're having problems when we both have conferences at the same time.
I would like to tune voicemeeter in my PC to MY voice so it doesn't pick up my wife's voice (and conversely, pick up only her voice and not mine in her PC).. perhaps a filter for my lower range and her higher range pitch? I use a lavalier mic, so another alternative would be to detect/filter voices that are a couple of meters away (is that possible?).

I found blocking noise is relatively easy, but haven't been able to find a software that can block other voices.

Vincent recommended the GATE feature in Banana, I will try it... But I'm completely new to this and would like to know if someone has already been successful at doing this.

Thank you!
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Re: Filter out just ONE voice on a shared environment

Post by arcturus »

Complex setup, just a silly idea:

You both need Voicemeeter, or minimum your wife needs a VBAN transmitter and you need VM Banana.

Pipe her mic through VBAN into your Voicemeeter. Use the Banana patch insert and feed both of your mics into a DAW, like Reaper. Invert her incoming mic waveform and sum it into your own mic waveform. This should (in theory), with probably a lot of fiddling, erase some of her sounds from your mic.

Now you have a problem that your own sound also travels through the air into HER mic, and through VBAN back into your computer. This may or may not be a problem, only testing will show what happens. It could still do something useful. Worth a try in my opinion.
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