Regular stuttering after resume from sleep

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Regular stuttering after resume from sleep

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After changing motherboard/CPU, voicemeeter gets a rhythmic stuttering at 1 second intervals after resume from sleep, regardless of audio device placed at A1

1> Restart audio engine: no effect
2> Close and reopen voicemeeter: no effect
3> Uninstall / Reboot / reinstall / reboot: no effect
4> Remove all VB audio cables and repeat step 3: no effect
Symptom occurs regardless of what device is playing audio into which interface to voicemeeter. Symptom can be circumvented by directing audio to play to device directly, without voicemeeter.

Restart Computer: Issue resolved until next system sleep and wake

Voicemeeter Potato

Original hardware
Intel z190 + core i7-7700k

New Hardware
AMD x590 + Ryzen 5800x

Everything else is identical.
Same windows installation. Same displayport monitor with audio interface. Same yeti mic. Same wireless headphones. Same VB Audio Cables.

Since I can't seem to attach an example audio here, even as a 500kb 7z file, here is the symptomatic audio in a 1mb WAV.

Please advise.
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