VoiceMeeter Banana with Echolink?

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VoiceMeeter Banana with Echolink?

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Has anyone here tried to use VoiceMeeter Banana (or Potato) with EchoLink? EchoLink (http://www.echolink.org/) is a popular amateur radio software which lets licensed radio operators operate radio repeaters around the world via the internet. It's a great tool for those in the hobby who want to expand their reach around the globe and has been around since the early 2000's.

I've been able to successfully run audio from many applications through VoiceMeeter's two VAIO's (Input for audio out, and Output for audio in from my mic).

When I configure EchoLink to use VoiceMeeter's Input/Output VAIO's the application is unable to send audio through the VoiceMeeter Input, but strangely, EchoLink is able to receive my microphone audio using the VAIO Output. Below is my configuration setup in EchoLink.
EchoLink_Audio.jpg (96.14 KiB) Viewed 150 times
The author of EchoLink informed me that EchoLink outputs audio at 8-bit, 8kHz, PCM. I've confirmed that VoiceMeeter supports this and even went so far as to change the VoiceMeeter Input VAIO to 8-bit, 8kHz to see if that works. It didn't unfortunately.

Below is my VoiceMeeter setup. I use my Headset Mic which routes to B1 (VoiceMeeter Output VAIO) and I listen on my Headset which is on A3 which gets audio from VoiceMeeter Input VAIO which routes audio to A3. Pretty simple setup overall. Unfortunately, I don't see any audio coming in through the VoiceMeeter Input VAIO when EchoLink is receiving audio.
VoiceMeeter_setup.jpg (80.76 KiB) Viewed 150 times

Any Amateur radio operators out there who might have done this successfully, or could give it a try?


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Re: VoiceMeeter Banana with Echolink?

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last new about this question:
the problem was located in Windows Volume mixer (having set EchoLink level to minimum).

Some Windows audio parameters can have unexpected change ...
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