Feature request: MIDI mapping

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Feature request: MIDI mapping

Post by jonathan-g »

First, thank you for VoiceMeeter. It's a great piece of software and I have bought licenses to use Potato on two computers. I use it daily and it is very useful just as it is.

Two small features that could enhance VoiceMeeter would be:
  1. It is not currently possible to map a MIDI controller to control the Delay and Reverb return levels on the output buses. This would be a very nice capability for a future version.
  2. It would be nice to be able to resize the macro buttons (for instance, to make them smaller on the screen).
VoiceMeeter is great as it is, but these two additional capabilities would be helpful.
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Re: Feature request: MIDI mapping

Post by lifewithmatthew »

I was about to make a post for a feature request concerning MIDI mapping so I'm just going to tag it on here.

Could we also please expand out Midi control of strips to include options for which BUS the strip is outputting to and the option to set a bus into MONO?
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