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How to connect two USB headsets to Skype, Discord...

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:13 am
by Vincent Burel
Most common questions about audio management on Windows is about how to connect 2 USB Microphones on Windows or How to manage 2 USB speakers or how to connect 2 USB Headsets on PC?

The response is by Voicemeeter! Virtual Audio Mixer for Windows (
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The simplest way is to set Voicemeeter Virtual Audio Device as default playback and default recording device, then Skype will automatically be connected to Voicemeeter (if using default audio devices). Or you can configure Skype to use Voicemeeter I/O device specifically (in the Audio settings section of Skype Options).

Then you select your first USB microphone as Hardware input #1 and its speaker as output A1
The second USB headset can be selected as hardware input #2 for its microphone, and output A2 for speakers.

Finally you need to assign your 3 sources (MIC1, MIC2 , Skype Caller) in the right way (BUS A = Monitoring , BUS B will go to Skype - by the voicemeeter virtual output).
image030.gif (44.14 KiB) Viewed 23145 times
In this BUS assignment, both MIC go to Skype... Skype Caller goes to both headphone (A1, A2).

Voicemeeter user manual: ... Manual.pdf
if you need for more I/O and more options, use Voicemeeter Banana