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Re: Voicemeeter and Statics, Stuttering, Crackling sound

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 9:45 am
by Vincent Burel
some recommendations:

As main audio device (output A1) you are expected to select yuor best audio device wit hthe best audio driver.
in yoru case, it's surely the steinberg audio board with it ASIO driver:
see this video to learn how to use an ASIO driver correctly with Voicemeeter:

in Discord, the Echo Cancellation process can bring problem in some case , so i don't know if it's a good idea to keep this...
for general configuration with VOIP app, i also recommedn a video tutorial:

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Re: Voicemeeter and Statics, Stuttering, Crackling sound

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 12:05 am
So a few things to report here. I tried picking my Steinberg ASIO as my A1 device, and it... had some issues installing the driver, even after a reboot. VoiceMeeter could still run it, but then crashes VoiceMeeter as soon as I also try to use one of the Steinberg inputs. It did stop the crackling doing this, but might just be because the device restarted after the driver installation attempt.

A friend experimented with switching his A1 device to Realtek ASIO, this had him actually start crackling instead. Switching back to WDM did not fix it, but selecting the same VoiceMeeter devices in Discord caused the crackling to stop. The prior fix was restarting Discord itself.

Echo cancellation in Discord was turned off for both of us for this testing.

Re: Voicemeeter and Statics, Stuttering, Crackling sound

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 6:49 am
by cncpowerhour
I've been using Voicemeeter Banana and then Voicemeeter Potato for the past few years and recently I've been noticing the crackling sound show up more and more frequently on multiple virtual audio cables and output devices. It's been driving me mad that I cannot get to the bottom of this. Let me explain the setup and then I'll explain the solutions I've tried.

Using Voicemeeter Potato, I have Virtual Audio CABLE and CABLES A-D as my input devices using the WDM driver. I use these to send software audio to different devices depending on what I need. For Outputs, I have my Focusrite USB ASIO driver (for my Scarlett 18i20) as A1, WDM - Realtek HD Audio 2nd Output as A2 (for speakers), and WDM - Realtek High Definition Audio for A3. Everything has a buffer of 512 (including the ASIO device), 48k sample rate, and the Cables all have 7168 internal latency.

In the most stressful situation, I am using all of these devices to route software audio to my speakers/headphones (A2/3) and record audio in OBS by capturing the CABLE Inputs, as well as Reaper using the input channels of the ASIO device to record microphones. In the least stressful situations, I'm playing a video in my browser or listening to Spotify and only using one of the devices. Audio crackling happens in both places, whether or not the system's been running audio through that channel for hours or it just sarted. Sometimes, restarting the audio engine does not work and I have to reboot.

I have tried the uninstall/reinstall steps from the Windows 10 Update thread:
1- Remove all USB audio device + REBOOT.
2- De-install VB-CABLE one by one + REBOOT
3- De-install Voicemeeter + REBOOT
4- Check your remaining audio devices are working ok.
5- Check there is no presence of our virtual audio driver in Windows Device Manager (in both sections: multimedia controller and audio input output).
6- Re-install VB-CABLE and Voicemeeter one by one , REBOOT after each operation, check your device list in Windows Sound Dialog box.
7- When all is re-installed, re-plug your USB audio device. check again your default playback and recording device
8- Run Voicemeeter and check systray option. Audio should work again correctly.
I have tried setting the WDM buffer to as high as it can go. I've upped the ASIO buffer (it was at 128 by default, but I manually changed it to 512). I have made sure I've uninstalled and reinstalled the latest drivers for my ASIO device and the on-board audio. I've tried switching to KS for the audio devices. I've swapped between Normal and Swift mode. I've upped the WDM buffer to 2048. I've tried swapping the non-ASIO outputs and input drivers to both MME and KS.

My computer should be able to handle almost anything. When I get this audio buffer issue, my CPU resource consumption can be anywhere between 30 and 70%. Here are my specs:

Intel Core i7-7800X @ 3.5 GHz
32 GB Ram
GTX 1080 and a GTX 680
all hard drives are 256 GB SSDs

If there are any ideas on what else I can try, I would really appreciate it.

Re: Voicemeeter and Statics, Stuttering, Crackling sound

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 5:19 pm
by Vincent Burel
you my send a screenshot of your Voicemeeter and its system settings dialog box first.

Re: Voicemeeter and Statics, Stuttering, Crackling sound

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2020 12:48 pm
by cncpowerhour
Things have been relatively stable recently, but I haven't actually changed anything. I'm about to go through a relatively stressful production day tomorrow (stressful in the sense of the strain on my computer, but the production itself will be a lot of fun) though so we'll see if it's working. Still, my settings are attached.