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Voicemeeter Banana randomly stops reciving mic signal

Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2019 5:57 am
by Res

I've a scarlet 2i2 connected to an xlr mic and all that goes into my input 1


so basicly my problem is, sometimes randomly banana stops reciving the signal from the scarlet. So when this happens i can talk and that bar doesnt go off but my scarlet's led goes green indicating it sends the signal.

(this can happen after a few minutes or several hours totaly unpredictable , it is pain to notice since you usualy dont listen to your mic)

So when everything works perfectly it goes as follows let's say i tap the mic to get a signal out of it. Led goes green on the scarlet and :

Banana recives the signal and it's working other people can hear me again, yay

BUT keep in mind i need to notice than restart the engine every time this happens. << this is what i want to solve.

Banana does have admin privilages.
Every device i've matches 44,1k settings
Using windows 7 os


If anything is unclear ask please!