Banana popping with virtual ASIO from Cubase

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Banana popping with virtual ASIO from Cubase

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I've been running Banana for quite a long time and everything has been working fine; I've got a Focusrite Scarlet 18i20 (1st Gen) and use it with a WDM input for my mic, and the Virtual in/out for Windows/games/etc sounds. Hardware A1 output is the Focusrite USB ASIO.

I wanted to try to get things setup so that I could record or stream what I'm doing in Cubase or Nuendo (Steinberg DAWs). In either, I set up the ASIO driver as the Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO and mapped the output channels to it. But when I play anything, I get these constant dropouts, about 3 a second with the buffers at 512, twice as long if I switch to 1024.

Audio samplerate matches for my project to what I have the Focusrite set to and Banana (all 48000). I've tried the Aux ASIO, same thing. I even tried using the insert ASIO and turning that on in the Banana setup, still get the same results.

If I switch the Banana hardware output to WDM, I don't get the dropouts but instead every couple of seconds the audio goes all Cylon-like for a second (like a weird flanging effect)

Here's a link to a sample recorded with Banana's recorder where you can hear the constant dropouts:

Any ideas? Like I said everything else works fine/normally.. even with Cubase playing I can play system audio from another app through the virtual inputs and I don't get the dropouts in that audio, just what's coming from Cubase.
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