TeamSpeak GTA RP Plugin VOIP bug

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TeamSpeak GTA RP Plugin VOIP bug

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I use VoiceMeeter Potato since many months because it equalize well my Windows 10 audios problem. Indeed, it is too loud without VoiceMeeter or Equalizer APO. Without those apps, I must set volume at 67 maximum for Speakers and 18 for Headset.

But I meet some audio problems with Voicemeeter, TeamSpeak and a GTA RP VOIP Plugin (FailyTalk). I tried to see my problems with the devs of the plugin but they didn't manage to reproduce my bug. Other players use also VoiceMeeter and don't have this bug.

I have same bug with another GTA RP Plugin (tokovoip) but the problem is players still hear me even if my radio is muted. I have to relaunch it.

Indeed, if I use the shortcut for this plugin to activade the ingame radio, if I am with another player on the same radio frequence, every player in the same player, including the player just alongside with me don't hear me 2 times out of 3. I have to enable several times the shortcut so I can be heared in the radio. It does this bug only if I am with players physically close to me ingame and if I use radio.

I want to keep VoiceMeeter so I can broadcast RP sounds and music from YouTube because Soundpad on Steam con only broadcast local files. And it is useful while we record gameplay for editing videos.

I tried to set differents lines for TeamSpeak to see if it comes from there but nothing.

I think it comes from VoiceMeeter because this bug has come after installing VoiceMeeter. I never had this issue without VoiceMeeter before I think or I didn't notice this.

You can find my VoiceMeeter settings

Also, if I use medias shortcuts on my keyboards, volume changes in the UI but nothing changes for the volume through VoiceMeeter. I have to set macro but it is not very accurate. I'd like that it modifies the Windows volume setting and not the VoiceMeeter bus/strip. Do you know how can I do this?

Regards and thank you for your help.
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