Saved XML File Inconsistencies

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Saved XML File Inconsistencies

Post by EnjoyRC »

Using Banana & Potato

1. When the XML is saved for the Macro Buttons, the 3rd line node

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<MacroButtonConfiguration x0='-776' y0='859' dx='767' dy='682' />
should not be terminated with />. It should simply end with > because the XML node is terminated at the 2nd to last line of the file.

2. When the XML is saved for the main VoiceMeeter Banana Settings, the 4th line is missing an attribute closing single quote.

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<OptionDev mme='1024' wdm='512' ks='512' asio='0' srasio='0 msA1='0' msA2='0' msA3='0' />
The srasio attribute is not closed properly.
Vincent Burel
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Re: Saved XML File Inconsistencies

Post by Vincent Burel »

thanks for this precise report!
this should have no impact on our XML wrapper. but can be boring for XML editor.
it will be corrected in next update (coming this month normally)
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