Voicemeeter Banana freezes on USB headset plug/unplug

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Drew Butler
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Re: Voicemeeter Banana freezes on USB headset plug/unplug

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I am having a similar issue. My family does not like me to have my mic plugged in all the time (Superstitions ect.) But when I plug the mic back in to use it, I have to reset VM to let it be recognized.

It is a Blue Snowball ice, if this matters, on VM Potato.
I have my microphone on strip 0 (not sure about the names of the strips, but its the leftmost one)
Then I have it distributed to B1 to applications

So I guess what I'm asking here is; is there a way to have VM automatically restart upon windows device recognition? Obviously I could make a Macro Button, but I would prefer it be automatic. Even something like a batch script or something that does it for me would be fine, just not totally sure how I would do that.
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