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Version History

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:24 pm
by Vincent Burel
Spectralissime Version
Qualification : release
-MONITORING: when selecting ASIO driver as source, output monitoring was automatically activated, even if Monitoring Check Box was OFF.
-FAST ANALYSIS: use same frequencies than RTA analysis (with 60, 120 and 240 bands).
-TIMING: timing menu offers FPS (integration time) with standard values: Slow = 1000ms, Fast = 125ms et Impulse = 35ms.
-WEIGHTING: Weighting menu allows selecting Z (flat) or A-Weighting
-Weighting Letter is displayed left to the analysis name (A or Z).
-MONITORING is made to listen the signal being analyzed (A, B, A+B, A-B) including the Weighting.
-WINDOW POSITION is now stored in the registry to display Spectralissime application on the same place with the same size on next launch.
-RED CURSOR POSITION: was not recalled correctly in some case (isophonic scale , 20 dB min / 100 dB max).
-Mouse position and mouse line level is now displayed also when moving green or red cursor.
-OCTAVE Frequency Scale use background color 4,2,0 (instead of 2,1,0).
-OPTION : Level Alert On Peak , display a complete bar in red or just the part above the red cursor.