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Can't share ASIO device

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:01 pm
by j7n
Thank you for this analyser with precise logarithmic scale, good compatibility and small size. I've a problem with sending audio to it from another application.
If I start Spectralissime first, using ASIO input device and no output, I cannot open ASIO output in any other application: they are silent. Applications playing sound at the time can still be used and analyzed, as can line inputs. To fix, I need to go to Settings -> Audio Devices and reselect the same input. This problem doesn't happen if I replace Spectralissime with Reaper using a VST analyzer such as SPAN, also receiving from ASIO. I have 3 ASIO channel pairs configured in PatchMix, and they can indeed be simultaneously used by up to 3 programs.

Maybe VoiceMeeter could be used, but I already have a software mixer that comes with the sound cаrd and don't need another one.

Sound Card: E-MU 1616
Prefererred SampleRate: 48000 Hz (in all applications)
Bit depth: 24 bits (this is odd, as should be 32-bit fixed)
Buffering ASIO: Default
Selected latency: 10 ms