MT32-SPlite Quick User Guide

MT32-Sound Pad Lite
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MT32-SPlite Quick User Guide

Postby Vincent Burel » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:08 am

MT32-SP-Lite provides basically 3 uses cases :

- 32 tracks live recording (like a true tape recorder from the 80's)

- 32 Tracks Playback

- Sound Pad / PLaylist management for live show.

STEP0 : after installation, you have to launch MT32SPlite and define a project name, and select one disk at least (that could be used for recording). On first run, you have to select the ASIO device (this can be a physical device or Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO driver as well).

STEP1: Recording is made simple by Track Arming and RECORD Button. Then you can decide to Record one or several track and playback others. Like on Multi Track Tape Recorder. The TimeLine View will show you different clips from your different take (EDL) and will let you define some CUE point and manage cursor position.

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