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MT32-SPLite information / installation

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 11:39 am
by Vincent Burel
MT32-SPLite is a 32 tracks recorder/player with all functions you could find in a multi track tape machine (Track Arming, Punch in/out, Cue, Loop, TC management…) and all functions you can expect from a modern DAW software (Take management, Mirror Recording, TimeLine Editing, Consolidate, Fast Render).

MT32-Sound Pad – Lite is also offering Playout functions to launch sound on the fly and manage play lists, for your Radio Show, DJ Performances or any Live Events. Completely independent from the Recorder/Player function, the MT32 can be used as Jingle Machine and Multi Track Recorder Player simultaneously. Sound Pad function can be controlled by MIDI or different remote surfaces.

With a graphic user interface dedicated to live environment, the MT32-SPLite will allow you to turn any Windows PC into a Recorder/Player machine.

MT32-SPLite is a lite version of the MT128 Recorder / Player / SoundPad solution
MT32-SPLite offers all MT128 funtions except project/session management and is limlited to 32 tracks.

Download MT32-SPLite on
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Re: MT32-SPLite information / installation

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:47 pm
by Vincent Burel
To install MT32-SPLite, simply run the setup program.
It will be present in your startup menu / VB-Audio / MT32-SPLite

Required Configuration:
1- Windows XP to WIN 10 (32 or 64 bits O/S)
2- ASIO Driver (hardware device or virtual device like Voicemeeter).
3- A second logical or physical disk is required to record (MT32 won’t record on system disk).

After having launched MT32-SPLite program, you will have to
1- Enter a project name
2- Select a project disk (and recording disk).
3- Click Create Project

On first launch, you will have to select an ASIO device:
The page selector (bottom right) will allow you to browse into different MT32 pages and functions…
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