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MT32-Splite Version History

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:43 am
by Vincent Burel
Correction / new functions
-SOUND PAD : Attack / Release per channel
-VBAN implemenation (2 VBAN MIDI, 1 VBAN TEXT, 4 VBAN-AUDIO Streams).
-MAIN MIXER: correct bug in meter display (was not taking care about real number of output). mouse wheel was not working correctly.
-MIDI MAP: all item OFF per default.
-SYS-SET: Mixer / Routing : MONITOR INPUT ON RECORDING ARMED TRACK option allows to set if the input monitoring is done one armed track only when recording (checked) or not (unchecked : to monitor input also on playback).
-VAIO output routing is now based on physical output.
-EXTRA Output Device routing is now based on physical output.
-SCRIPTMAN: Enable=”VBANServices” allows to activate VBAN Services.