Can I use VMB macros in PC1 to control VMB in PC2

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Can I use VMB macros in PC1 to control VMB in PC2

Post by cinnkid »

I'm am LIVE broadcast streaming online in metaverse 5x a week.
My setup,
networked PC1 & PC2
PC1 main PC Voicemeeter Banana VMB, used for Daily stuff & Metaverse software. Using VMB macros
PC2 DJ/Hosting PC Voicemeeter Banana +Radio Broadcasting Playout software encoder to Shoutcast. Using VMB macros

Goal: I am trying to make a Touch Portal console that would communicate with both PC1 & PC2 to control VMB on both PCs.
I am trying to condense all the mouse clicks with each PC to a single touchpad controller.
I haven't a clue how to make this work.
1. Can I do it with PC1 VMB macros that can control PC2 VMB & its macros?
2. Can I implement midi control on PC1 with VMB that can be received by PC2 VMB and control the UI and Macros?

I know I can simply buy a 2nd Touch Portal Pro and use another tablet for PC2, that would be simplest, but really trying to avoid 2 tablets on an already crowded desk.
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Re: Can I use VMB macros in PC1 to control VMB in PC2

Post by Vincent Burel »

yes, thanks to VBAN you can
1- use the MacroButton to send request to Voicemeeter (from a PC to another on your local network). note you can send request from several computer (VBAN Midi and VBAN Command are multipoint to point).

2- use the VBAN2MIDI program to use a MIDI controller on a second computer and use VBAN MIDI to send command (and MIDI Feedback too).

3- use the VM Stremer view also on several computer of your network to control Voicemeeter on another PC of your local network.

you may find mode information on the updated user manual: ... Manual.pdf
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