Behringer UMC ASIO driver Glitch but not on ASIO4ALL

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Behringer UMC ASIO driver Glitch but not on ASIO4ALL

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I am using windows 10 1909 and using the behringer UMC204HD interface. I have the latest 4.59.0 ASIO driver from Behringer.

First of all, I had also encounter buffer glitch with 256smp with Voicemeeter Banana connected to A1 at behringer ASIO driver (further decreasing SMP will cause audio to be distorted). That time i am using Ableton with not very intensive cpu buffer, 20% usage and its start lagging. I am not convinced that my hardware is unable to handle 256smp as my CPU is top tier Ryzen 1700. Checked with latencymon and it also show great, and capable. So I change my output and connect directly to the interface ASIO and the buffer glitch is gone. Tried with 64smp, and it still works fine. So I suspected there is a problem between the Behringer ASIO and the Voicemeeter banana Interface. So I tried ASIO4ALL with voicemeeter and guess what, it is working perfectly with 256smp and even can go down to 128smp with no glitch.

Many people had said ASIO4ALL create extra latency, so I would like to utilize UMC ASIO driver low latency instead of ASIO4ALL.

So it is a driver problem? or a voicemeeter problem?
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