Shadowplay + Voicemeeter Banana = ShadowBanana

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Shadowplay + Voicemeeter Banana = ShadowBanana

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Hi guys, I'm new here to the VB-Audio forums and, myself a hobbyist videographer and sound engineer, I have come to share something I created for my own personal use to aid with recording videos.

Let me introduce you to...


a tool for anyone that uses OBS/Shadowplay/ReLive & Voicemeeter Banana to record video game footage and multi-tracked audio.

Now, before you say "but why not use OBS to do that, it's much simpler?"
To simply put, there's a performance hit of approximately 5% CPU usage even while using the NVENC in OBS, while Shadowplay and Voicemeeter have virtually no performance hit. Another reason is because OBS's footage does not play nice with Magix Vegas, yet there are no problems with Shadowplay's footage.


ShadowBanana is VERY simple to use.


Unzip the 7z file, double click the "RUN ME.BAT", select the number of audio channels and BAM.

Simply press the Default ALT+F9 to record.
That's it.

Okay, there's a bit more to this.... hear me out

AMD Graphics card users will have to set up their own recording directory inside "ShadowBanana/REMUXING" and change ReLive record keybind to CTRL+ALT+F12

As a recording/audio/video hobbyist, I figured that with Voicemeeter Banana up to 8 channels of audio can be recorded using the Tape Player, and with FFMPEG it can be re-encoded in any format (compatible with H.264 of course) and combined with Nvidia Shadowplay's video recordings, circumventing Shadowplay's (or ReLive's) poor excuse for audio.


:D ShadowBanana remuxes the recordings automatically, into a neat little package! :D

:o Say goodbye to confusing lists of countless .wav and .mp4 files! :o

If you are a Gamer/Youtuber will find this tool highly useful, as Nvidia's Shadowplay and AMD's Relive only support 48khz audio with 2 stereo streams, and as you know, most desktops use 44.1khz by default and have more than just 2 sources of audio in many cases i.e. Microphone, VOIP, Game, Music, Soundboard, etc.



Here's a run down of how it works:

Basically, the user would launch a "SETUP"' batch file, which prompts them to install the required tools (Voicemeeter Banana, VB-Cable, etc.) then sets up a "remuxing" folder within the current directory as the recording directory for both Shadowplay and Voicemeeter, and then it will ask the user how many streams of audio (up to 7) they need in their recordings (don't worry, this can be changed later on). It also sets up Shadowplay keybinds and audio devices by looking into the registry keys and utilizing SoundVolumeView.


The tool then creates a "RECORD" macro within the Voicemeeter Banana's Macro Buttons which simultaneously presses the Shadowplay record key and starts recording Voicemeeter's Tape Player. The user can bind the Macro to their key of choice (default is Alt+F9).


When the "RECORD" Macro is pressed the first time a sound cue should play and Voicemeeter and Shadowplay will start recording together.


When pressed again, another sound cue will play and it will launch the "MP4REMUX.BAT" script, which combines the Voicemeeter audio and Shadowplay video using FFMPEG. This will take roughly 5 minutes for every 2 hours of footage recorded. It will also sync up the audio and video by looking at the file creation time of each file down to the millisecond.

As you can see, there is a tiny (probably insignificant) bug that will only affect you if one program starts recording before midnight and another starts after midnight, as the file creation time will be reset from "11:59:59.999" to "00:00:00.000" and the arithmetic does not account for this.

The user will finally have a choice to delete the original Shadowplay recording and Voicemeeter audio files, leaving only the remuxed ".mp4" file.


Results are in. A clean mp4 labelled with the current date and time.

I would recommend against this until you are completely satisfied and have checked that the audio matches up correctly in the remuxed mp4 file, then go ahead and press "Y".

Unfortunately, this will not work with Shadowplay's Instant Replay function.

Here are some download links for the tool if anybody would like to try it out. The tool is free to use.

*Please be prepared as this may overwrite current saved Voicemeeter Macro settings, so please back them up before you install this.*
Download 1
Download 2

If you download, please let me know if there any bugs or issues. Enjoy!
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