Virtualizing two Hardware AIs as One to an Application

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Virtualizing two Hardware AIs as One to an Application

Postby ric982 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:13 pm

So basically I'm trying to mutiplex two inputs to one UR824 hardware audio interface in multi-channel mode.

- Protools on UR824 ASIO Interface running 8 In x 8 Out - 44.1K-192K/24 - 8x8
- Everything else on Windows that is running through the UR-824 WASAPI interface that is limited to 48K-192K 2 channels out.

What I want:
- Protools on UR824 ASIO Interface running 24 In x 24 Out - 48K/24 24x24, 96k/24 16x16, 192k/24 12x12 (this would be 3 UR-824s - two operating as slaves to the primary). OR 2 two UR824s virtualized as one ASIO virtual device with 16x16 at 192.
- Everything else on Windows that is running through the WASAPI interface 44.1-192L/24 - 8 channels out

Protools wants exclusive access to its one hardware device so I'm thinking AUDIO Bridge will not work to provide a multiplexer for the two virtual ports I need? The one use case I have to have both WDM and Protools running is to send audio through the WDM to the UR824 outputs so I can re-route the sound to Protools inputs for recording a reference track - I can do this in stereo, but I'd like to do it in multi-channel.

First use case would be to run 8 In/8 out on protools multiplexed with 8 out from all windows players. I'm assuming Voicemeeter banana would let me put the UR824 ASIO driver on the back end and then I could use two virtual ports - one ASIO for Protools and one WASAPI for a default windows audio device. Would you agree? Is latency increased much with Voicemeter setting between Protools and an ASIO Driver? I"m not exactly sure how Protools would be configured to talk to Banana. It seems to want to select a device (not an playback device and a recording device). Perhaps it would find both ports when you select the Voicemeter ASIO driver in protools? (I could down load and try this I guess).

The second use is I'd like to be able to get to more than 8 channels from Protools - UR824(s) running 24x24 at 48K or 12x12 at 96K. I'm was looking at Potato and it looks like the one ASIO hardware interface is limited to 8 channels and the other 4 hardware channels do not support ASIO? Would there be any way the current product supports (or you could consider supporting) either:

A) A single hardware ASIO device that has more than 8 channels (I only need one of these in this case) and expose those channels on one virtual ASIO port?

B) A two hardware ASIO devices - separate other than they are sharing their word clock - each 192/24 with 8x8 (i.e. two UR824s). And then merge these two into a single virtual ASIO port as 16x16 channels? I see Potato has a "Virtual 32 insert channel ASIO" - Does this do what I want? - except that your list of I/O shows A2-A5 do not support ASIO output and you only show one virtual ASIO Input? .

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