Audio Input/Output routing issues.

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Audio Input/Output routing issues.

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I was trying to post this over on the Windows Community Boards, but I can't seem to get it to work. So maybe someone in here can help me with this. I have had this issue for a while now. My problem is this:

I turn the PC on every day and I have to go into the Sound Options, change the input and output from its current setting which is the setting I want to use, to another random setting, then change it back, in order to get it to work as it should. As if the routing for the audio isn't working at boot for Windows. So example of this would be

Input Setting is set to "VoiceMeeter Input", but the audio is not coming from this channel
Then I change the Input setting from "VoiceMeeter Input" to "Dell Monitor" (for example only)
Then I change the Input setting back to "VoiceMeeter Input" and the audio works as it should.

I have to do this with all audio that has been routed using the Windows Advanced Audio settings. Originally I thought this might have been a VoiceMeeter virtual cable issue, but the settings within the Xbox App are effected as well. Also the more main reason I know its not the culprit is due to a buddy of mine having the same issue and he does not use VoiceMeeter and never has. The Xbox App settings are what they should be when I open the app, but when I go to use it, I have to change the input and output a few times to get them to work. My Discord App settings are fine and ALWAYS work with no issues. I don't have to change anything. It seems like this is all related to Windows some how. Any and all help is appreciated. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling VoiceMeeter as well just to be sure this wasn't the issue even though I knew it wasn't. Just did it for the troubleshooting side of things. That didn't change anything. Thanks in advance for any help. I hope theres a fix for this.
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Re: Audio Input/Output routing issues.

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these routing parameters are managed by Windows.
some of them, like default playback or recording audio device can be changed by some audio application on startup...

but Voicemeeter does not change anything in the windows audio configuration.

it 's a question for Microsoft (good luck).
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