Help to achieve a Stereo+7.1 setup with DRC

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Help to achieve a Stereo+7.1 setup with DRC

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Hello guys,

I have to thank first Mr. Vincent for the software and for the forum approval.

I'm looking for some help in achieving a Stereo + 7.1 setup with DRC provided by Dirac.

My actual setup (pictures attached) is:

Topping D50s DAC as A1.
Voicemeeter Input ASIO Inserts used on Kushview Element to add Dirac processing.
Voicemeeter Virtual Input set as stereo, output to A1.
Voicemeeter Virtual AUX Input set as 7.1, output to A1.
A1 in Mixdown B mode.

Music is played through Squeezelite using Virtual Input over ASIO.
Movies are played through Plex using Virtual AUX Input over WDM.

I would like to process Virtual AUX Input with Dirac after the mixdown so that the movies will take advantage of DRC as well. Do you know of a way to attain this?

Thank you very much and happy new year :)
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