Is multi-channel over IP possible?

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Is multi-channel over IP possible?

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I'm using Banana.

I've two distinct sources I want to send over LAN (from basement station) via IP to the recording rig (second floor): Stereo keyboard and mono vocal. Since I've been working alone on set up, I'm not certain of what the latency issue might be for live performance (during tracking). I don't want to record the vocal, I just need to open the lines of communication between the players in their own airspace (covid times).

I have been able to route the mixer (Soundcraft Ui24r) I use and Banana into the DAW (Cakewalk) using WDM driver mode. ASIO drivers (in Windows) presents and either/or situation, and I require both Banana and the mixer be active and working alongside each other. I've got the keys sorted out (I think - I at least hear them remotely when I play them), but the issue is how to allow the microphone to come through on a separate "line".

I know that in the Send from the basement rig, I can split the source feed (A1/A2/A3/B1/B2), but then both signals go through the same wire and arrive on a single IP address upstairs. This is where I can't figure out how to split the signal.

Is it possible to do that, and if so, where should I look to change the settings to make it happen? Do I need to launch a separate network feed on another program (Such as ASIO Link Pro - which has network capabilities)?

I'm just looking for a point in the right direction, and thanks in advance for any/all help!!
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