Sound Devices Playback/Recording settings for VoiceMeeter

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Sound Devices Playback/Recording settings for VoiceMeeter

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For Sound Devices, we can set both Playback devices and Recording Devices to either "Default Device" or "Default Communication Device". You can assign one of those roles to separate devices, or assign both roles to a single device.

My confusion stems from not understanding what a "Default Communication Device" is or how it is supposed to work.

Is there any clear explanation of how these combinations work with VoiceMeeter, and what the tradeoffs and considerations are?

I have seen some YouTube videos advocate sending microphones to Aux VAIO. Others advocate skipping VoiceMeeter for microphone control.

Can anyone shed some light on the full set of considerations?

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Re: Sound Devices Playback/Recording settings for VoiceMeeter

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Hi. Just trying to provide some information related to your question.

Roles in Windows exists to simplify the user interaction with applications and multiple audio devices present in the system: instead of having to select a specific device for each application, the user select a Default device and most applications will use that without asking the user which he/she wants to be used.

Microsoft introduced the Default Communications Device role in Windows 7 to allow the user to select an audio device that he/she considers to be better suited for use in communications apps (Skype, Zoom, VoIP); the typical example device is a headset. If your Windows PC has more than one audio device you will be able to select which of them will be the Default Communications Device. Of course you can select to assign both roles (Default Device and Default Communications Device) to the same audio device; you are in complete control of that choice.

Since Voicemeeter installs Virtual Audio Input and Output (VAIO) devices, anyone of them could also be selected as Default or Default Communications Device; it is still your choice.

A typical choice is to select VoiceMeeter Input as your Default Device (for playback) and VoiceMeeter Output as your Default Device (for recording) and VoiceMeeter AUX Input as your Default Communications Device (for playback) and VoiceMeeter AUX Output as your Default Communications Device (for recording).

Windows Sound control panel includes a Communications tab that allows you to select what action will be taken by Windows when the system detects activity in the device with the Default Communication Device role. The suggested value is Do nothing.
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Re: Sound Devices Playback/Recording settings for VoiceMeeter

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let's add:

Communication device or default devices are 2 properties manage by Windows only (and sometimes used by some applications).
Voicemeeter does not use these properties , but you have to know about them to understand your audio device behavior and not be surprised by the routing for some application (especially in relation with the Windows Communications Option, that can driver you crazy if not checked).

As it is shown in this video tutorial about ZOOM & Voicemeeter Banana:
you can just expect a behavior so you have to check it anyway. In this example, Zoom finally does not use default communication device.
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