Voicemeeter x32 or x64

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Voicemeeter x32 or x64

Post by Zargan »

Hey guys,

just a short question.

Is there any technical difference between the normal version and the additionally installed "x64" version in case of stability?

I just ask because normally...why not... I would use the x64 version. But after a new installation voicemeeter still runs the x32 version. I could change the autostart but maybe there is a reason why voicemeeter just like to start in x32.

This is a little bit irritating. =)

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Re: Voicemeeter x32 or x64

Post by xcasxcursex »

Latest versions of VM use the x64 version when you run x64 Windows. I've been using it exclusively since it was an unannounced feature and never seen a single issue with it. Go for it :)
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