Macro Buttons with AKAI APCmini controller in Windows 10 environment

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Macro Buttons with AKAI APCmini controller in Windows 10 environment

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I'm experiment with the Macro Buttons and AKAI APCmini controller. The environment is in Windows 10 without any "DAW" software. Voicemeeter for control the Microphone, Headset's, Speakers, Teams, Skype.
With the APC mini i like to automate and speed up daily actions in the Windows environment. Intention is also to use as much as possiple, function from the Voicemeeter packages and avoiding externel tools and scrlpts, like Auto Hot Key. Keep it simple, Voicemeeter can do it.

In Voicemeeter (Potato V. the Fader, Mute and Solo button should control in the APCmini at the range #1 (for the fader) and #2 (for mute, solo) as shown in the image. Maping in the Voicemeeter M.I.D.I Mapping. All other buttons, on the APCmini, controlled by "Voicemeeter.Remote - Macro.Buttons (Version: Provided colors from APCmini should be used as possible to the demand of the action/function to implement.

01_AKAI_APCmini_usage01.png (153.9 KiB) Viewed 1381 times

Layout of the Macro Buttons. Top rows and columns, 6 x 8, in referring to APCmini.

02_voicemeeter_potato_macro_layout_02.jpg (200.73 KiB) Viewed 1381 times

Example of a Macro button configuration for starting VLC media player and set the APCmini button color to yellow, mapped with the MIDI device.
03_voicemeeter_potato_button_config_30_01.png (243.17 KiB) Viewed 1381 times

Using Voicemeeter, Macros and APCmini has some unexpected effects. Starting with a turn off/on status of the APCmini with no color status.

First, using Voicemeeter and APCmini with the M.I.D.I. Mapping work as expected. Move Fader, push mute or solo on Voicemeeter or APCmin change status as desired. No use of the Macro function.
Only disadvantage, M.I.D.I. Mapping can't send color notes to the APCmini. Buttons colors always green for on (mute, solo) and grey for off.

Second, starting the Macro Buttons after Voicemeeter is running properly. Defined Macros and mapping to the APCmini all the function work as expected and are executed.
Disadvantage no color change on the APCmini buttons. Only color change from control of Voicemeeter.

Third, change the contol to the Macro Buttons for change the color on the APCmini. Voicemeeter and Macro Buttons are running and work properly as mention in first and second.
  • Disable in Voicemeeter MIDI Mapping the Input and Output device to "No Midi".
  • Shutdown Macro Buttons.
  • Start Macro Buttons.
  • Set M.I.D.I. Mapping in Voicemeeterto "M.I.D.I. Input Device" and "M.I.D.I. Input Device" to "APC MINI".
  • Now all the Macros Buttons on APCmini work with color change as definde in the Macro.
Disadvantage no color change on the APCmini buttons for the mute and solo buttons. Fader, mute and solo works as defined in the MIDI Mapping in Voicemeeter.

In this simple setup Voicemeeter, Macro Buttons and APCmini works fine with some restriction with the color of the buttons on APCmini.
You have to decide if you want the color change on the APCmin controlled by Voicemeeter or controlled by the Macro Buttons.

  • Is there a missing configurations steps for this cautious, wont have color change on Voicemeeter and Macro Buttons together?
  • Can it be made more simple?
  • Can Voicemeter MIDI mapping send color change information?
  • All Macros are "Push Button" actions, therefor you dont have to configure "Request for Button OFF / Trigger OUT"?
  • On all Macros there is no configuration for the "Request For Inital State:", what is the disadvantage for the Voicemeeter?
  • What can be made better?
  • Has anyone made similar experience?

Kind regards,
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Re: Macro Buttons with AKAI APCmini controller in Windows 10 environment

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APCmini buttons code in decimal and hex.
05_AKAI_APCmini_code.jpg (174.63 KiB) Viewed 1266 times
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