Banana: White Noise

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Banana: White Noise

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I've connected my Sony Camera with a HDMI USB Capture Card to my PC and connected the Microfone of the capture card to Voicemeeter -HW Input 1. Now starting a Zoom Session using Voicemeeter Output. I get a bad noice floor which can not be removed.

Connection Zoom directly to the capture card removes all noice and I have a clear sound.

Does anyone have any idea where the noise is coming from and how to get rid of it. Raising the response level (gate) is not the solution, because the noise remains natural, you just don't hear it as loudly as the speech is superimposed on it.

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Vincent Burel
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Re: Banana: White Noise

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sounds like a problem of format/codec. check your device properties. Voicemeeter is sending Native PCM signal to the device.
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