[VM:B] Is there a way to apply a better "gate" filter?

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[VM:B] Is there a way to apply a better "gate" filter?

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Hello, I'm running into a big issue with my motherboard where it just adds a lot of white noise, it's a common and known problem with this motherboard in particular (a ASUS HERO VII).
I'm using a "solution" from VB:B where the EQ option is in place, but I can only filter a few parts of the spectrum and I really don't fully understand the tool.
It would be nice to have like an "attack angle" on the gate options like OBS studio has on the "filters" option.

Here's what I've achieved.
This is with the EQ filter (I'm not talking here, this is just white noise):
Without it:

AS you can see, I solved the big spikes but the rest of the White Noise still persists.

Any ideas?
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