Voice issue with any Battlefield game (discord)

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Voice issue with any Battlefield game (discord)

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I have an issue, my microphone works perfectly well but as soon as I start Battlefield 1/4/5 (I haven't tried Battlefield 3 because I don't have it) my microphone cracks and the voice is choppy
I don't know how to describe the problem so here is an example: https://youtu.be/x9S8g__Iyi4

The sound that we hear is the return of discord, when I put the return from voicemeeter I have no problem

According to my tests, it's not a problem with the Origin client because when I start Dead space 3 from Origin I have no problem
And I don't think it's the game that requires too much resources because when I start Cyberpunk I have no problem

Also sometimes the sound of the microphone has no problem even with Battlefield started (but this is rare)
Additional information:
I use NVIDIA Broadcast MME for microphone input but I have the same problem no matter which microphone I use and no matter if it is MME or WDM
I have no problem when I listen the microphone from Voicemeeter or Audacity

My setting : https://imgur.com/a/2DSmQIe

Hoping you can help me,
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