Intermittent noise from Virtual ASIO

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Intermittent noise from Virtual ASIO

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Hello forum

I have read through a lot of forum threads regarding crackling noise from voicemeeter, but it seems that my problem is somehow different (or i have insufficient search capabilities). I will describe below, and i have also made a video with live demonstration of the problem. Link for video is here:

Intermittent noise on recording in DAW using Voicemeeter VIrtual ASIO
I am using a DAW to make recordings from Voicemeeter Banana AUX Virtual ASIO (B2). The recordings are either crisp clean all the way through or crackling distorted dirty. That is, if the recording starts clean, it remains clean but if it starts dirty it remains dirty. But whether it is clean or dirty is completely random. If i make 10 recordings in the exact same way, i might end up with e.g. 4 clean recordings and 6 dirty recordings in random order. The DAW allows me to switch on “echo input” (monitor source), and in that stream i can hear, if the stream is clean or distorted. The strange thing is, that i can provoke the audio to change between clean and distorted by toggeling the “Arm for recording” button in the DAW. With this workaround, i can avoid making a complete 3 minute take just to find out afterwards, that the recording was dirty. Which is good, but i would prefer to solve the problem. A couple of things i have checked is 1) playing the recorded samples from another application to see if it was a playback audio loop issue in the DAW - which it was not. 2) Changing the DAW recording source to the Audio interface native ASIO driver - which worked without any distortion, causing me to suspect the Voicemeeter virtual ASIO. 3) Changed all sample rates (including Voicemeeter virtual ASIO) to 48000. 4) Checked buffer size to be 7168 samples according to advise in forum thread.

Here are some details of my setup:

Lenovo Desktop PC
Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19041
Core i5-4440, 3,10GHz
8 Gb RAM
System stable and with sufficient ressources in all other applications.

USB Audio interface:
Presonus AudioBox 22VSL
Latest version of driver (Universal control
UdklipAudioBox.JPG (40.56 KiB) Viewed 292 times

Voicemeeter Banana set up:
UdklipVBsetup.JPG (211.73 KiB) Viewed 292 times

Cakewalk by Bandlab ver. 2021.01, build 098, 64 bit.
Device preferences:
UdklipCakewalkPref.JPG (93.95 KiB) Viewed 292 times

Please let me know any suggestions. Also let me know if you think it is too early to let Cakewalk off the hook, I just reckoned, that if the native ASIO drivers of the AudioBox is working with no issues, it might be VB Virtual ASIO causing the problem?

Best regards Jakob
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