How would I add a delay on a virtual output?

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How would I add a delay on a virtual output?

Post by Solomon »

Hello! Thanks for this great software.

I'm sending audio from a microphone through VoiceMeeter Banana into Zoom, and I'm sending video from a webcam device through OBS, to Zoom (via the OBS virtual camera). The webcam that I'm using has a significant delay, and therefore I need to delay the audio in order to be in sync.

I can see that Voicemeeter allows adding a delay on the physical "A" outputs, but for reasons that I don't immediately understand, I can't seem to find a facility to add a delay on the virtual "B" outputs.

I mentioned this to a colleague of mine, and he had the brilliant idea of sending my audio through A2 (with the desired delay), and connecting it to the VAIO input, and then sending that signal out through B1 into Zoom. I tried to get this to work but I was unable to select the Voicemeeter VAIO as an output device from Voicemeeter.

Upon further research, I discovered that my colleague is using an older version of Voicemeeter which does have that feature, but that my recently installed version does not. So, I have three questions:

1. Why is there no "monitoring synchro delay" option for the "B" outputs?

2. Why was the feature which allowed connecting a Voicemeeter "A" output directly to a Voicemeeter VAIO input disabled? Can you please reinstate this feature in the next release, or let me know what the recommended way of downloading previous versions of Voicemeeter is?

3. Given the lack of the previous two features, is there a recommended way of sending an audio signal from one application, delayed, into another application?

(I suppose I could route the audio from my microphone through Voicemeeter's A2 out, from there through a virtual cable, and from there to Zoom, but my signal paths are already spaghetti and I'd like to avoid adding extra applications to make them more complicated.)

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Re: How would I add a delay on a virtual output?

Post by xcasxcursex »

Gday Solomon,

Forgive me if I'm mistaken but as I understand it you want to delay the audio from your mic to match delayed video from your webcam (so the sound matches the movement of your lips, right?)....

I'd say rather than delaying all inputs via that output, you should be delaying the audio input from the mic (since that's the only thing that actually is 'early'). You can easily do this using the ASIO Inserts. There are lots of tutorials online about how to do this so I won't reinvent the wheel by explaining the 'how' of it here but just leave you a link: ... ter+insert.

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Re: How would I add a delay on a virtual output?

Post by timboxyz »

I use an app called "Radiodelay". You can feed it any valid input source and point its output at any valid sink so works well with Banana.
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