SONAR X3 shows Grayed (Disabled) ASIO Drivers

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SONAR X3 shows Grayed (Disabled) ASIO Drivers

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SONAR X3 shows Grayed (Disabled) Voicemeeter ASIO Drivers and you think it is not possible to select another ASIO Device!?

it's because SONAR X3 can use a single ASIO driver at a time and then disables all others.
So if using M-Audio ASIO Driver for example, all other ASIO driver will be disabled (grayed).

To make them active again and select another ASIO Driver in SONAR X3 you need to
1- deselect all inputs and all outputs.
Then all drivers appear activated.
2- select inputs for the wanted ASIO driver for example the Voicemeeter ASIO Virtual device (and select the outputs).
SelectVoicemeeterASIODeviceInSonarX3.gif (64.52 KiB) Viewed 15747 times
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