Need to be able to configure compresser & Noisegate

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Need to be able to configure compresser & Noisegate

Post by ShamisOMally »

So I tried out the compressor, and it works. SOMEWHAT.

Problem is, the compressor raises/lowers all quiet/loud sounds, and does not have a configurable threshold

So noises in your background like say a fan are raised up quiet loud, while your voice is made quiet

There needs to be a few options for both compressor and noisegate to be more functional:

-Compressor needs to have a dB rating on it, like most high grade compressors. Basically its like noisegate, but for volume

So sounds below a dB threshold are NOT amplified/quieted, say the fans in your room vs your voice, by having these thresholds

-Noisegate needs a way to configure its attack open + close. From my testing I see the noisegate has between a half second to one second delay before it closes, which leads to after talking to half a second to one second of "Dead air" sound each and every time. Being able to configure the the open/close thresholds (See OBS for an example) vastly improves its function.
Vincent Burel
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Re: Need to be able to configure compresser & Noisegate

Post by Vincent Burel »

well, compression is made with AUTO MAKE UP. that's why it is boosting your voice and consequently gains up noise floor...
but it's up to you to use the slider gain to decrease the gain after compression.
basically if you set compression to 3 or 5 , you could have to decrease the gain by -6 to -12 db

The gate is a general gate designed for noisy talk, means it's configured to remove ambiant noise,
the gate level 10 is made for clubbing (with yelling DJ).

We did not provide all controls on compression/gate to simplify the user interface... Voicemeeter is a general mixer for general use...
audio pro mixer range will come maybe next year...
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