No Sound after installing Voicemeeter !?!

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No Sound after installing Voicemeeter !?!

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Installing Voicemeeter means installing audio driver. In some cases, the system might declare this new driver as default driver (as default playback device for example). Consequently you do no hear anything anymore since you do not run and configure Voicemeeter. ... Manual.pdf

Windows System Audio Configuration is mainly located in Windows Control Panel / Sound Dialog Box. This is where you have to go to check or set what is your default playback device and what is your default recording device (and the communication option set to "Do Nothing" is you use Voicemeeter).

Anyway, all is a question of audio configuration and it does not need to remove Voicemeeter in case of problem. Voicemeeter is a simple Application endowed with an audio device driver, if you don’t use it , there is no way to get trouble. There is also no reason to reset computer or make a restoring point.

Again just check your audio configuration in windows Control Panel / Sound Dialog Box.
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