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Pinnacle Studio 11-15

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Pinnacle Studio 11-15
Force Direct Sound playback to Voicemeeter VAIO Input.

I have Pinnacle Studio 12 and had a hard time getting it to work with Voicemeeter Banana, as it does not have select-able audio outputs.
After some time though and too many websites to mention, I have discovered a way around this minor flaw in Pinnacle Studio 11-15.
I am posting this information as to help anyone who maybe having the same troubles I came across using Pinnacle Studio 12 With Voicemeeter.
("After installing Voicemeeter Banana there was no playback audio, this is because Pinnacle Studio 11-12 uses direst access to speakers
sound port and can no longer be heard making is difficult to do video editing, with this update in place Studio playback audio works.")

Make the following changes to the settings.ini file.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Pinnacle\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 12\programs\Sites\[ComputerName]\Settings

Vista - Win 7
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Pinnacle\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 12\programs\Sites\[ComputerName]\Settings

• To force DirectSound playback, add the following key in the file "settings.ini"


• There is normally not an ASIOIO section in this file. To make sure, search the file for “[ASIOIO]”.
If found, add the SEL_DEVICE_SZ string in that section. If not found (which is expected,) simply
add the two lines above at the bottom of the file.

This allows Voicemeeter to work in conjunction with Pinnacle Studio 11-15.

It appears this should also work with windows 8 - 10 have not tested though they function much in the same way.

The above is why I would like to be added to the Voicemeeter VB-Audio's Forum.
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