Voicemeeter playing all input sound through my mic.

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Voicemeeter playing all input sound through my mic.

Post by Theranin »

Hey guys.

I set it up to where I have all of the sound from the discord app on my desktop going to the virtual input. I also plugged my android tablet into the mic input on the back of my pc, which is routed to play music into voicemeeter as well.

I have it set so that A1 is my headset speakers. That way I can hear both discord and the music coming from my tablet. I do not have my headset mic set up anywhere in voicemeeter. It is not set as an output or input device at all. When I use my mic to talk on discord, or record audio, people can hear any and all sound in voicemeeter. This means that the music I have playing, and the people talking in discord gets played back through my microphone. My headset mic is plugged into the front mic input on my pc. However, if I make it so the sound does not play through A1 (aka my headset speakers) then the sound also stops playing through the mic.

Is there any kind of a fix for this? The type of headset I am using is the Hyperx Cloud Core. It has a speaker/mic jack that is connected to a splitter that separates the jack into green & pink (speaker & mic).
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Re: Voicemeeter playing all input sound through my mic.

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Here's my audio setup, you may be able to take something away from this for your own use. I have a Plantronics GameCom 788 USB headset. It (supposedly) has Dolby Surround. I also use the Line In on the motherboard's soundcard occasionally.

Windows Default Sound Device: VoiceMeeter Banana Bus A.
Windows Default Recording device: VoiceMeeter Banana Virtual Input
Strip A: Line In.
Strip B: GameCom Microphone
Strip C: CABLE-A Output
BUS 0: Voicemeeter Output
BUS 1: nothing
BUS 2: network audio going to another machine
Virtual BUS 3: VOIP audio (*)
Virtual BUS 4: Unused

A1: Headphones
A2: Cable-A Input
A3: Occasionally for monitor speakers (motherboard audio output)
(*) VOIP audio is intended as input for Skype, TeamSpeak etc. I open up their respective settings and point their "Output" to Voicemeeter's Aux or normal outputs, their Input I point at the VOIP Output stream I mentioned for BUS 3. This seems to work well enough and also means that normal audio doesn't go out the VOIP stream unless I set it to do so. It's not particularly complicated, but it works well enough for me and means I can send audio to VOIP and also to another machine through VBAN when required.

As you're using your motherboard's microphone to supply music, you could set this up as Strip 0, your headset's mic (if you so wished) could be Strip 1.
You could also set up a specific channel for all VOIP audio (discord, in your case), and make sure your Music input doesn't go out to it unless you wished. I hope this helps you out at least somewhat.

Regards, Brickviking (aka DrSmokey)
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