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Voicemeeter / Release

Postby Vincent Burel » Sat Oct 08, 2016 6:27 am

Latest Voicemeeter version is now available before official Release:

Voicemeeter Standard
http://vbaudio.jcedeveloppement.com/Dow ... _v1051.zip
REBOOT after de-installation / REBOOT after installation - and check your default audio device settings in Windows Control Panel / Sound Dialog Box

Voicemeeter Banana Package (including Voicemeeter Standard):
http://vbaudio.jcedeveloppement.com/Dow ... _v2031.zip
REBOOT after de-installation / REBOOT after installation - and check your default audio device settings in Windows Control Panel / Sound Dialog Box


Correction / new functions /
-CONFIG FILE: 5.1 Pan Pot position was not stored in the configuration file. Now it’s corrected.
-MIDI Mapping: Pitch Bend Implementation (can be used by faders on some remote surface).
-MACRO BUTTONS (version implementation of a Trigger on selectable input strip. 2x threshold (in & out) and a hold time allows to configure the trigger behavior.
-LIMITER: BUG corrected in LIMITER PROCESS if main buffer size is not multiple of 4 : there was possible noise when signal was going over 0dBfs
-XML Load could crash when reading corrupted value (too long). maxStringSize was not used in the VBXML_ANALYSIS_GetAttributValueEx function.
-REMOTE API: To improve TRIGGER Reaction rate in Macro Button, Voicemeeter Remote Levels are given to client application, without release process (release rate might be managed by client application if required).
-MACRO BUTTONS (version implements 2x MIDI Outputs devices with system instruction to send MIDI message: System.SendMidi(“out1”, “note-on”, 1, 64, 64); System.SendMidi (“out1”, “prg-change”,1, 64); System.SendMidi(“out1”, “ctrl-change”,1, 64); System.SendMidi(“out1”, “data”,80, 0A, 7F, 80, 10, 40);
-MASTER EQ: Quality parameter value range is 0.3 to 100.0 (instead of 1.0 to 100.0).
-MME Selection: Correct possible deadlock on MME Input Device management.

Correction / new functions /
-BUG in METERS display of Voicemeeter Standard version

Correction / new functions /
-ASIO PATCH: Possibility to route A2 & A3 BUS to ASIO device selected as output A1 (ASIO now manages up to 64 i/o). This OUTPUT ASIO PATCH appears in the System Settings Dialog Box when no device is selected for BUS A2 (and BUS A3).
-BUS MONO Button allows reversing Stereo polarity (click twice).
-MACRO BUTTON: add shortcut key: ScrollLock
-VBAN: Incoming Stream can be routed to any Voicemeeter Input Strip (physical or virtual). The incoming Signal is mixed with other possible incoming signal on the strip, then it is possible to receive several VBAN stream on the same input strip. (number of VBAN stream is 4 in/out on Voicemeeter and 8 in/out on Voicemeeter Banana).
-Mouse Wheel implementation on Sliders:

Correction / new functions /
-DISPLAY BUG: VAIO AUX Internal SR and buffer size were displaying the same as first virtual input.
-SYSTEM SETTINGS: BUFFER SIZE WARNING: Display warning dialog box when changing preferred buffer size.
-WINDOW POSITION: keep last position of the Voicemeeter main GUI, between two Launch or two SHOW command
-REMOTING API: Player Bus Assignment was missing in the instruction list.
-REMOTING SCRIPT: support RELATIVE instruction += or -= to add or subtract a value to the current parameters (implemented on gain, EQ gain, panel, audibility parameters).
-REMOTING SCRIPT: fadeto=(value, msTime); can be used to change the gain of a Strip or a Bus progressively. Example: Strip[0].fadeto = (-3.0, 1000) will place the slider at -3dB in 1000 ms from any initial position. Maximum time is 120.000 ms = 120 seconds = 2 minutes.
-REMOTE API: New functions to implement audio callback to process audio inside Voicemeeter (see SDK Manual and source code example).
-EDIT SLIDER LABEL: Edit Strip and BUS Label by Right clicking on Slider bottom. Label is also displayed inside the slider.
-MAIN GUI: “A” Indicator (after Remote Indicator) is there to show if a client application is connected to Audio Callback. A Click on it opens a dialog box showing what application is connected on.
-ASIO DRIVER: updated with new VBOARD object
-SYSTEM SETTINGS DIALOG BOX: can be moved on the screen by grabbing from everywhere (except active control).
-MASTER EQ: Mem A/B was not working correctly. B Memory not initialized correctly.
-2D PANEL: Cursor is drawn in neutral color when in neutral position (double click).
-VBAN Dialog Box: Now display the number of detected incoming stream(s).
-SYSTEM SETTINGS: Virtual ASIO Type INT32LSB was not working with Virtual INSERT Driver.

Correction / new functions /
-LOAD Settings: problem with device name containing a coma char ( ’ ) like “AC’97” device.
-LOAD settings: from Voicemeeter to Banana, some parameters were not consistent (e.g. BUS EQ ON for A1 & A2
-MACRO BUTTON: file selection (in Load/Save operations) list XML files only per default.
-MACRO BUTTON: New function to reset the current buttons MAP.
-MACRO BUTTON: Store Windows Size in configuration file.

Correction / new functions /
-STOP Audio Stream procedure was not settings all BUS level to -60db before stopping.
-Display VAIO settings (internal latency and internal SR) in RED color if the buffering is not adapted to the Voicemeeter main stream Buffering.
-ICON in menu for Eject functions (shutdown and dialog).
-MACRO Button in system tray (by its system menu)
-REMOTING: request to load/save config file.

Correction / new functions /
-VBAN: VB-Audio Network to send /receive real time audio stream 16/24 bits on local network (hidden options allows to test all PCM AUDIO formats).
-Voicemeeter Remote API to control Voicemeeter from a client application (with MIDI Input transmission).
-MACRO Button Application to create remoting action for Voicemeeter (with MIDI Learn to associate a MIDI message to a button).
-Thread Characteristic is “Audio Pro” per default, it can be forced to other (e.g. “Audio”) by settings the ThreadCharacteristics in the registry : USER KEY \ VB-Audio\VoiceMeeter directory (this is done for 3 different keys to define ThreadChar for Voicemeeter, VBAN and ASIO driver).
-SYSTEM Settings: Preferred ASIO buffer can be set to force device to use a given buffer size (if the ASIO driver agree). Clicking on ASIO device name opens the ASIO Control Panel of the related driver.
-XP: MME device list was including Voicemeeter Virtual I/O.
-KS driver could not work because ksDriverName_c128 was too short to store the path.
-Store preferred buffer size and output ms delay in XML configuration files.
-VOICEMEETER REMOTE now can act on VBAN option dialog box.
-MACRO Button now uses internal MIDI pipelining to get MIDI code from MIDI input device used by Voicemeeter MIDI mapping and possibly act on button.
-Voicemeeter menu: new option: Run MACRO Button Application on Startup.
-Display main stream sample rate on Voicemeeter interface (top right) and VBAN dialog box.

Correction / new functions /
-VBAN: VB-Audio Network to send /receive real time audio stream on local network.
-Voicemeeter Remote API to control Voicemeeter from a client application.
-MACRO Button Application to create remoting action for Voicemeeter.
-MACRO BUTTON: support Mouse and pressing function key only.
-RECORDER Option: Default SR was not correct.
-Remote indicator[R] could stay ON even if no request was received.
-Display MAX Level in dB for each BUS (above the 8 channel meter bar).
-Better device name management and driver identification (registry access problem solved and checking under WIN10).
-Ability to manage redundant KS Device Name (by adding a suffix).
-Place Recorder after Master EQ, to be able to record BUS output with Parametric EQ corrections.

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