WIN10 Anniversary Update issues

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WIN10 Anniversary Update issues

Postby Vincent Burel » Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:38 am

With Windows 10 Version 1607, known as the Anniversary Update, some driver could not be loaded by the system. “Windows 10, version 1607 will not load any new kernel mode drivers which are not signed by the Dev Portal.”

Microsoft made this change to make Windows more secure for end-users. But the result is often opposite and this update seems to have generated a lot of issues to many users since July 2016. Obviously to not run a driver could simply make the system unstable or completely not functional.

VB-CABLE and Voicemeeter should continue to work on this new Windows 10 version since drivers have been cross signed in 2014 and according Microsoft Policy, All drivers signed with cross-signing certificates that were issued prior to July 29, 2015 will continue to work.

However we will provide new driver version, digitally signed by the Windows Hardware Developer Center Dashboard portal, by the end of the year 2016.

More information: ... g-changes/ ... windows-10

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