Hooks for windows volume control

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Hooks for windows volume control

Post by erik.vanhamme »

This feature is great. It restored my volume control, even when using ASIO DAC as output. Unfortunately I have 2 minor issues with it.

1. Is is possible to limit the max to 0dB? I have a physical volume control on my HTPC case, and if I turn it, I can raise the mixer fader to +12dB, severely clipping the output.

2. 3dB steps are quite large. Could they be made smaller to provide finer control? I have powerful amps, and some more fine tuning would be nice.

Is there a feature request page somewhere?
Vincent Burel
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Re: Hooks for windows volume control

Post by Vincent Burel »

the 0 dB limitation has be requested for MIDI controller too... i will think about.

to have more options to control volume or anything on Voicemeeter with keyboard shortcut, you may use MacroButtons (installed with Voicemeeter).

you can define buttons to change BUS gain by 1 dB if you want :
BUS[0].gain += 1; // to increment
BUS[0].gain -= 1; // to decrement

see user manual for details...
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