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Voicemeeter / Release

Postby Vincent Burel » Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:57 pm

FEB 2019 Voicemeeter version is now available on http://www.voicemeeter.com

- REBOOT after de-installation / REBOOT after installation -
- check your default audio device settings in Windows Control Panel / Sound Dialog Box


Correction / new functions /
(1) DIALOG BOX SIZE: could be ser not on right size in some conditions.
(2) Genera Device Management Debugging (more consistent audio format negotiation with WDM device )
(3) OPTION: limit remoted gain to 0 dBfs. Allow to limit the gain of Strip and BUS Sliders to 0dbFS when using HOOK Keyboard, MIDI Remote or Macro Button)
(4) MACRO BUTTONS: MIDI instruction in "Request for Inital State" are now sent to MIDI output device.

Correction / new functions /
(1) RECORDER: MP3: files kbps can be changed now. This was set in 128 kbps anyway (parameter was simply not used in the mp3 encoder).
(2) Audio Streaming general QOS Improvement. Increasing audio stream stability.
(3) MIDI Mapping: extended with Compression / Gate / Audibility knob and Virtual 3 Band EQ’s
(4) MENU: AUTO RESTART OPTION restarts audio engine in case of audio engine break (possibly due to audio device disconnection, USB , HDMI…)
(5) MACRO BUTTONS: TRIGGER level can be taken after mute (to mute the trigger effect from the Voicemeeter Mute button)
(6) Genera Device Management Debugging (especially KS Devices management and WDM Share Mode).
(7) WINDOW SHOW Management checked when clicking on SysTray icon or selecting Show option in SysTray Menu (Voicemeeter should be placed in top Z order correctly).

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