Voicemeeter or Audio problem after WIN10 update

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Re: Voicemeeter or Audio problem after WIN10 update

Post by Gwydion »

Did you get sorted? Let me know and I can try to help you out. Feel free to join my discord if you are still having problems. Would just need some screenshots to start but I can explain that.

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Re: Voicemeeter or Audio problem after WIN10 update

Post by xGamerG1rl »

I don't know how... but it works again... :D
I've changed nothing...
Well... Time solves every problem :D Thanks
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Re: Voicemeeter or Audio problem after WIN10 update

Post by tgparker2019 »

Been having problems since April. Re-installed Cable A+B and Banana as per your instructions... Most features working ok.


AUDIBILITY "Comp." and "Gate" still not working. Any ideas? any suggestions?
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Re: Voicemeeter or Audio problem after WIN10 update

Post by GridMonkey »

So, I have learned a thing that is relevant to this topic, after beating my head in having the same issues as many.
When you update windows, and it restarts.... It does a form of hibernation then restarts, it does not do a full shutdown and restart. Hibernation breaks some driver power states, audio drivers being one of the ones that sometimes gets broken. It had gotten to the point where i'd update windows uninstall reinstall and be fine, but by forcing a few things here and there i managed to recreate (at least the experience of) the stuttering and "garbage" sounds we all have experienced after a windows update.

A full shutdown sorted it every time.

I uninstalled windows updates, rolled back to February updates on another machine, did a March update, got the audio problem, cold shutdown it was fine, repeated with "big updates" until it was up to date, testing full shutdowns every time after an update finished. It seemed to do the trick. I can't say this will work for everyone/every rig but it's worth it to try a full shutdown first before you rip out all the VB software right after updates and audio is "broken." I cold reboot vs an uninstall reboot reinstall reboot/settings check/re-config may save a few headaches.

Until windows learns to let us deal with our audio the way we wish.... *cough*never*cough* one shutdown/cold boot cycle might save us a few more/settings headaches.

Please back check me, i'm not a programmer and don't know how to read the logs even, just imparting what i have experienced.

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Re: Voicemeeter or Audio problem after WIN10 update

Post by tehchubbyninja »

I uninstalled VB-Cable, and VM Banana but they are still showing in my sound options screen as selectable options for playback, so the uninstall obviously didn't uninstall this. Is there a way to fix this without having to do a system restore?
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Re: Voicemeeter or Audio problem after WIN10 update

Post by tehchubbyninja »

Okay, so I've done everything outlined in viewtopic.php?f=6&t=381&p=4302&sid=8a15 ... 5be6#p4302 except for make a system restore because I'm not willing to do that right now. I'd rather give up using this product than lose any data I have right now. VMB STILL isn't working, as now when I talk into my mic, it sounds like I sucked down a balloon full of helium first.

I'm at my wits end with this and just about to say screw it, and uninstall everything for good.
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Re: Voicemeeter or Audio problem after WIN10 update

Post by Vincent Burel »

You may check audio device default format, or try to re-install the microphone driver... if it's USB one, you may try to disconnect, reboot. reconnect on different USB port, reboot, test it , disconnect again, reboot, reconnect on previous USB port , reboot...
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Re: Voicemeeter or Audio problem after WIN10 update

Post by TestXpress »

After the Win10 2004 update I also hat issues with sound. This time I had some high frequent static noise (couldn't hear it, but Spectralissime visualized it, even if the bus was on mute) and sometimes high frequent, audible artifacts. What fixes this for me was switching the audio settings of ALL devices. E.g. it was on 96 kHz / 24 Bit and changed it everywhere to 48kHz / 24 Bit:
  • Sound Control Panel - Playback - all output devices
  • Sound Control Panel - Recording - all input devices
  • Voicemeeter Settings - Internal SR
  • Control Panels for each Virtual Device and Virtual Audio Cable - Options - Internal Sampling Rate
  • Reboot
I am absolutely sure I hat the same settings for all devices before (96 kHz / 24 Bit), but somehow I had the issues. After switching all settings everything was fine (no high frequent noise and no audible artifacts anymore).

I didn't try yet to switch everything back to 96 kHz / 24 Bit. Would be interesting to know if it works well again. Because... prior to the Win10 Update I did the same vice versa and it also fixed issues back then. So, I assume some internal settings are getting messed up during the update process. And if you change the settings everywhere it will be set correctly again.

Okay, switching it back unfortunately led to the same issues than before :(
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Re: Voicemeeter or Audio problem after WIN10 update

Post by robertkjr3d »

I also installed the Win10 2004 update. I was ok after that, although I had been more stable before. (I would get a harmonic sound every random 20mins to 1hour...?). I use Voicemeeter to send audio to two different audio-outputs.

Then just recently I had installed the Cumulative 2021-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 20H2.
I also installed Cubase-LE in the last two days. Not sure which was the problem. But after a reboot it woke up with these symptoms:

I can no longer use WDM outputs in Voicemeeter. Everything sounds distorted. I tried changing around outputs, single output... I reinstalled VoicemeeterBanana. I changed latency settings. I switched all settings that I could try.

So I switched to MME. That works. But it is not desired.

On a past computer, I've experienced that I could send A1: WDM and A2:MME. I couldn't send both. But after an upgrade, as this computers specs are 'God-Like'... I did not have that problem. Well until now.

I brought up Cubase LE, well of course it puts all kinds of audio-drivers and I'm not talking about a situation where I have a (music) device connected. Output A1 is set to 'Realtek Speakers'... Output A2 is set to 'AV Receiver'... Generally that is. What I mean is, when trying to see if I could make any WDM work. I just tried Output A1: Speakers... and removed A2. But it was still distorted if I used WDM.

Another case where I've heard this distortion is using 'Equalizer APO'. I do have it installed. But it is not configured on any Voicemeeter outputs. I'm not using it at this time. In the past after any major event happened on the computer. You had to reinstall the configuration in 'Equalizer APO', otherwise you were stuck with distortion. But I'm not using it, so that should not be a consideration. However I am mentioning it, because the resulting sound is the same.
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Re: Voicemeeter or Audio problem after WIN10 update

Post by ReformedDJ »

Just happened yesterday after Win 10 update..saved setting just in case. Uninstalled, reboot, installed, reboot and everything came right back up as it should.
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