Sound distortion with Banana

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Sound distortion with Banana

Post by Shark-2 »

I have a Problem with my new Audio Setup.
First i should explain my Setup.
I have an Allen&Heath ZEDi10 connected over USB. And the mic of my HTC VIVE (USB too)
The ZEDi comes with an ASIO Driver, where i can change the buffer size, usb buffer and some other things (nothing Special).
So i connected A1 with the ASIO driver. And "Patch ASIO Inputs to Strips: In 1 [4][-] In 2 [-][-] In 3 [-][-]" (Mic connected to M4 on the ZEDi).
Out A2 has "Patch BUS to A1 ASIO Outputs: [3][4]" (i have two Stereo ways on the ZEDi, with this Settings i split the VIOP Sounds from the System ones).
The Mic on the HTC Vive is connect over WDM on Input 2.

Now to my Problem. I hear sometimes distortion with Voicemeeter Banana. It sounds like "jitter" or "clicks". I can not really descripe it.
First i thougt the buffer size is to low. But i tried everything up to 512 and nothing changed.
I altered even the USB buffer in the driver and nothing changed. The internal buffers of voicemeeter have i tried up to 4096.

What helped was closing Banana and using the normal one.
With the same Settings no Problems.
The sad Thing is, i Need the second virtual Input.
I also noticed that the normal voicemeeter seems a bit quieter.

Is there a hidden Setting that could help me?

Voicemeeter settings
Banana settings

Sorry for my bad English and thanks in advance :)

EDIT: I found out that the Problem may be the ZEDi ASIO Driver.
The Sound becomes quieter if the Sound comes on "ST2" (Asio out 1&2) and "ST3" (Asio out 3&4) at the same time.
It could also be a General Problem with the "Main Mix" of the mixer. Because if the Sound comes at the same time on the channels, the volume with "Pre Fader Listen" on the ZEDi remains normal for each Stereo channel.
Maybe i try it with "asio4all" and look if it helps.
My Problem is, even if i have an Hardware Mixer, my four Inputs are routed to an single WDM device in Windows. So for VOIP applications i can only use Input 1 and 2 because 3 and 4 are recognised as surround channels. But i want to use Input 4 for my mic.

EDIT2: I figured out that i have no Problems if i connect other apps direct to the ZEDi Asio with the same buffers.
But over Voicemeeter Banana i can still hear "rustle" sometimes.

EDIT3: The Normal Voicemeeter got the same issue too. It seemed to be luck that i not noticed it.
With the "Tape" Option in Banana i could record the distortion. I have Zoomed it in Audacity:
not good
So the Problem seems to be before Voicemeeter gives the Sound to the Asio Driver
My next step is to crank up the internal buffer of Voicemeeter to max.
PS Asio4all didn't help too.
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Re: Sound distortion with Banana

Post by Shark-2 »

Now i have a "dirty" solution for my Problem.
I leave Voicemeeter Banana connected to my ASIO, so i can still use it for my Microphone and the HTC VIVE Mic.
But my Default Sound device is the WDM Driver of my ZEDi.
With this Setup i have no Problems :)
Maybe a slightly higher latency on the Output. But i do not recognize it (and have nothing to measure it^^)
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Re: Sound distortion with Banana

Post by Vincent Burel »

the General rule is connect all audio Apps to Voicemeeter or to avoid audio device conflict (other app should not use same audio output device than Voicemeeter). That’s why we also recommend to set Voicemeeter virtual audio I/O as default playback / recording device.

Keep default settings (default buffer size / default engine mode) and select your best audio device as output A1 (giving the main stream):
ASIO device if present (with 256 or 512 sample buffer size) … WDM or KS (512 sample buffer size) … MME as last choice (512-1024 sample buffer size).
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