Command.Shutdown being ignored

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Command.Shutdown being ignored

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I have a problem involving Command.Shutdown not working. One of my macro buttons is set to emit Command.Shutdown=1 but this doesn't appear to work in either or

Here's the XML snippet out of my MacroButtonConfig.xml (but the same appeared in

Code: Select all

	<MacroButton index='26' type='1' key='0' ctrl='0' shift='0' alt='0' anyway='0' exclusive='0' trigger='0' xinput='0'>
		<MB_MIDI b1='00' b2='00' b3='00' b4='00' b5='00' b6='00' />
		<MB_TRIGGER tchannel='0' tin='-20.0' tout='-20.0' tmsHold='1000' tafterMute='0' />
		<MB_XINPUT nctrl='0' nbutton='0' />
		<MB_InitRequest>System.Execute("C:\Users\viking\bin\AEPC\Release\EndPointController.exe", "", " 3");
		<MB_OnRequest>System.Execute("C:\Users\viking\bin\AEPC\Release\EndPointController.exe", "", " 7");
		<MB_OffRequest>System.Execute("C:\Users\viking\bin\AEPC\Release\EndPointController.exe", "", " 3");</MB_OffRequest>
What other information would you like me to provide?

Regards, BrickViking

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