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Voicemeeter Version History

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:44 am
by Vincent Burel
Correction / new functions / /
-POTATO: Insert patch was partially stored (22 first patch was stored instead of 34).
-ASIO INSERT is now strictly PRE-FADER, before INTELLIPAN, GATE, COMP (and any strip fx).
-COMPOSITE MODE is now strictly getting PRE-FADER input, signal before INTELLIPAN, GATE, COMP (and any strip fx).
-BUS MODE : Center only, LFE Only, REAR Only now mute other channels than stereo (channel 3 to 8 are muted).
-REMOTING: relative value is now applied to push button like Ax, Bx, Mute, Solo, EQ, POST…
-POTATO: SEL BUS button not well implemented for BUS A4 & A5 (layer for A4 was used for A5 and layer for A5 was not taken in account).
-Internal pipeline: Re-engineering process and checking.
-MACRO-BUTTONS . add 8 different button colors parameters. SendText function syntax is now implemented. Button State can be changed also by script Button(i).State = 1 / Button(i).StateOnly changes the displayed position only (without sending script).
-DEVICE LIST sorted by alphabetic order.
-TAPE RECORDER: Armed Inputs are now true Pre Fader sources (original inputs before any fx or virtual insert).

Correction / new functions / /
- SYSTEM SETTINGS: Display bug in delay label (“Delay A1” was displayed for all BUS).
- RECORDING OPTION: Fader Gain was not displaying the gain value anymore.
- CHECKING: DelayedStartS" in registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\VB-Audio\VoiceMeeter works
- POTATO PACKAGE: Includes virtual ASIO AUX (forgotten).
- VAIO’s Icon & Name are actually reset on DeviceStart.
- INPUT SLIDER GAIN: red slider bottom part was not exactly aligned with the top part.

Correction / new functions / /
- VMVAIO: All 3 Virtual Driver are now offering direct communication method and ability to change Samplerate and latency on the fly (new Control panel application).
- REGISTRATION: display auto splash “about box” every 6 hours, to invite user to donate and activate his license (6h00 countdown is displayed on main view).
- SYSTEM SETTINGS: Correct BUG in SYNCHRO DELAY where A3, A4 A5 was set like A2 DELAY.

Correction / new functions / /
- VMVAIO3: New Virtual Driver with direct communication method and ability to change Samplerate and latency on the fly (new Control panel application).
- VMVAIO3: New driver includes pin name and icon installation.
- RECORDER: Player was displaying wrong TimeCode after STOP + PLAY.
- QOS Display and process cheked
- ABOUT BOX: display bug in auto splash every 6 hours, to invite user to donate and activate his license.

Correction / new functions / /
- Re-display Muted Meter Bar (was not there on last previous verisons).

Correction / new functions / /
- MIDI label mistake.
- Right Click was not working on some new BUS Mode selectors.
- APA was not working correct on BUS B3.
- 192 kHz Support (new SR ASIO option to use the ASIO default Samplerate or not).

Correction / new functions / /
- SYSTEM SETTINGS: POTATO version allows to define Send Return ASIO Channels.
- VAIO3 offer virtual ASIO driver
- Voicemeeter Potato Virtual Insert is available thanks the Voicemeeter Potato Insert Virtual ASIO (34 i/O) while the Voicemeeter Insert Virtual ASIO is still there with 22 IO for Voicemeeter Banana.
- MIDI Mapping support the following new Control: Reverb, Delay, FX1, FX2 and SEL knobs & buttons.
- REMOTING: new instruction to control new knobs and buttons.

Correction / new functions / /
- SYSTEM SETTINGS: Display Layout Adjustment in Banana version.
- BANANA PLAYER: bad implementation in ACM Wrapper for mp3 playback (no buffer flush after position change).
- VBAN: Network Quality Parameter “Very Slow” was not taken in account by the config file loader
- POTATO Version: FX Section Management + Reverb.
- MACRO BUTTON function: “;” hides Voicemeeter.
- LABEL: some Strip / BUS Label was not correctly editable in Voicemeeter Potato version
- POTATO About box could not be displayed in some cases, stopping audio engine without letting user the possibility to restart it.
- POTATO Virtual input strip shows up to 4 connected applications with a volume and mute control.

Correction / new functions /
- CONFIG FILE: now there is different config file for Voicemeeter Standard / Banana / Potatoe (to avoid configuration conflict between version when running one or other version).
- REGISTRY: store “preferredResolution” for bit resolution used by Voicemeeter Banana/Potato (24 bits per default) – can be changed manually to 16 Bits.
- VBAN: Reset Config / VBAN reset Config was changing VBAN MIDI and VBAN TEXT Stream in VBAN Audio Stream (corrupting the original nature of these streams).
- MACRO BUTTONS: instructions related to device change (e.g. bus(0).device.wdm= “Microphone (High Definition Audio Device)”) were not working properly.
- REMOTE AUDIO API: correction of the bug in samplerate/buffer size change procedure that could prevent client APA (Audio Processing Applications) to work correct.

Correction / new functions /
- VBAN, correct bug on redundancy detection when entering stream name.
- Voicemeeter Remote API: “Shutdown” command was not implemented correctly.
- Voicemeeter audio format negociation with 32 bits integer 24 bit MSB support.
- MacroButtons: define a min window size and prevent to get wrong windows size.

Correction / new functions /
- BUG Correction / VBAN Audio stream selection by ip.
- BUS MONO button click will switch to mono – cross – stereo.
- Voicemeeter Remote: instruction[j].cell[k].on was not working.
- MacroButton: Show App On Startup was not working correct if placed in system tray.
- WDM : Format negotiation re-engineered.

Correction / new functions /
- CPU Load last correction.
- MacroButton: Fix Window position restored on startup and when laoding config file
- Voicemeeter Dialog Box cannot be lost on screen.

Correction / new functions /
- VBAN Parameters, input strip assignation was not working with physical input #1.
- VBAN-MIDI stream is now also sent to MacroButton (then a MacroButton can be controlled on local network).
- MASTER EQ: system dialog menu offers functions to LOAD/SAVE EQ settings.

Correction / new functions /
- VBAN MIDI: -incoming stream section provides a new VBAN stream to receive VBAN-MIDI stream, for example to offer the possibility to connect a MIDI device on another computer.
- VBAN TXT: incoming stream section provides a new VBAN stream to receive VBAN-TEXT stream, for example to receive command script from MacroButtons application.
- MENU: Voicemeeter Menu could not displayed all option status in Voicemeeter Standard version.
- REMOTING: arming status shown on tape desk could be not correctly updated when arming options were changed by remoting request (MacroButtons etc…).
- REMOTING: VBAN incoming streams 4 to 7 are now remotable (index limitation in vmr_core).
- MACRO BUTTONS: keyboard KEY list proposes “*+” Key item to use a KEY independently from the other pressed key (CTRL, SHIFT, ALT).
- MACRO BUTTONS: now provide a VBAN configuration dialog box (in system menu) to define 2x outgoing VBAN-MIDI stream and 2 outgoing VBAN-TXT stream.
- STRIP/BUS LABEL: user label now supports correctly international languages (validated with Japanese chars).
- DELAYED ENGINE START: On startup or after system wakeup, Voicemeeter Audio Engine will start after a pre-defined delay (5 second per default). The time for the system to start all services (USB devices can be started lately and some audio devices can be not ready when Voicemeeters start its audio engine). This delay is configurable in registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\VB-Audio\VoiceMeeter KeyName: DelayStartS (giving the delay in second - 0 to 1000).
- MACRO BUTTON: Implements XINPUT functions to manage up to 4 game pads (XBOX Controller) to handle one or several MacroButtons with a game pad button.

Re: Voicemeeter Version History

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:48 pm
by Vincent Burel
Correction / new functions / /
-MacroButtons: Trigger or Winput options could not be set or removed on button without keyboard shortcut.
-MacroButtons: implements DMX functions to control DMX 512 Light Network
-REMOTING: with relative value could not work correct with limit and gainlayer. New functions: patch.PostFaderComposite, patch.PostFxInsert, option.ASIOsr allow settings last options added in System Settings Dialog box.

Correction / new functions / /
-INTEGRATED PLAYER: Bug correction related to end of playback at end of Sound. Implementation of the LOOP option to repeat the sound indefinitely.
-STRIP LIMITER on Voicemeeter Banana & Potato can be managed by clicking on the meter bar of each strip and allow limiting strip level to any threshold from -40 to +12 dB (before Gain Slider).
-VOICEMEETER REMOTE: implementation of different possible missing instructions like Recorder A4, A5, B3 buttons. Bug Correction on different recorder parameters read operation (mode & samplerate for example). Implementation of the new LOOP option and Strip(n).Limit Parameter.
-MACRO BUTTONS: Wait(ms) instruction allows to introduce timing in the script to finally build a sequence of requests.
-MACRO BUTTONS: System.Execute function implements ENV VAR management inside percent char (e.g. %VARNAME%). This percent char is now used to code double quotes char (“) by the sequence %’ (percent + quote) and simple percent char (%) by the sequence %% (double percent).
-VOICEMEETER SYSTEM TRAY icon / menu now contain the “Restart Audio Engine” function and the SHOW at default position command for people having lost Voicemeeter Display.
-WINDOWS Position: checking that is in a active display monitor for Voicemeeter, MacroButton, GEQ15 and MATRIX 8x8
-RECORDER OPTION: Target Directory Selector now displays the current directory when opening the browser dialog box. MULTITRACK OPTION allows generating multiple mono files (one file per track) – up to 8 tracks if recording a BUS -.
-SYSTEM SETTINGS: PATCH INSERT can be set PRE-FX (per default) or (POST-FX) by clicking on PRE-FX part on top-right of the Virtual PATCH Insert section. INSERT ASIO Driver is 22 channels for Voicemeeter Banana, 34 Channels for Voicemeeter Potato.
-REVERB: Potential Crash when delay was set above 950 ms (not enough memory allocated).

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Re: Voicemeeter Version History (FEB 2020)

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 8:33 am
by Vincent Burel
Correction / new functions / /
1-POTATO : FadeTo / FadeBy could not reach the final value in some cases.
2-POTATO : Fx reverb / delay fx button can be remoted by FX.reverb.on and fx.Delay.On instructions.

Correction / new functions / /
1-LOAD SETTINGS: BUS mode: normal mode could not be restored on XML load process.
2-WAVEFILE: RIFF Chunk size could not be correct for some player applications (RIFF cksize = file size- 8).
3-MACROBUTTONS: internal instruction Button(10).State=0; could not be not well applied in some cases.
4-MIDI-MAPPING: K7 Playback Gain can now be remoted by a MIDI controller.

Correction / new functions / /
1- BUS MODE: Center, LFE & Rear was noisy due to a bug in the audio processing. Now corrected.
2- Voicemeeter Potato x64 version was not implementing the right MP3 encoder library.
3- MASTER EQ memory slot A/B can now be remoted by instruction Bus.EQ.AB = 0 or 1;
4- Documentation: talk about relative remote instruction (vol+ / vol-).
5- RECORDER: Introducing a new command REPLAY to restart sound playback from the beginning (in MIDI mapping and in Remote API). Remote API get also GOTO, FF, REW command.
6- REMOTE : Strip Gain Slider could not be correctly displayed after Strip(i).GainLayer(j) = xx; request
7- REMOTE: New instruction FadeBy to make a FadeTo by a relative dB change.
8- ABOUT BOX: automatically remove useless space on e-mail and response code.
9- KARAOKE Button on second Virtual Strip (is Replacing MC button on Banana & Potato version) to apply a Karaoke Effect by removing the common part of a stereo material (K-m) with keeping the common bass and treble (K-1 / K-2) or just by filtering the voice frequency range 200-4000Hz (K-v-) .
10- TASK BAR: click on Voicemeeter icon now minimizes or restores Voicemeeter Dialog box.
11- MENU: option “Limit Remote Gain to 0dBfs” option now considers the full range of M.I.D.I. slider controller.
12- MACRO-BUTTONS: Trigger hold can now be 10 ms min 120 second max. 2 Position button is now working correctly with trigger (first audio peak will switch on, second audio peak will switch off) – allowing to program ON/OFF command with a sound.
13- MACRO-BUTTONS: Load("filename"); function allows to load a Button Map file (previously saved by the system menu save function).

Voicemeeter Version History (OCT 2020)

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2020 7:17 am
by Vincent Burel
Correction / new functions / /
1-POTATO: remote instructions to change Strip & Bus LABEL were not fully implemented. VAIO3 Label could not be displayed correctly if reset to empty string.
2-ABOUT: Revision of the Challenge code generation to fix possible unexpected change (e.g. on Windows Update). Possibility to import/export the computer footprint to guarantee to be able to use the same activation code after windows re-installation on the same PC.
3-VIRTUAL ASIO: was limited to 96kHz, now support up to 192 kHz.
4-COMPOSITE MODE in Voicemeeter Standard was not working properly, channel 3,4 were empty.
5-VBAN Dialog: IP Host Address list was not refreshed when restarting VBAN services. Now, restarting VBAN will display possible new IP Address (from other network adapter or due to DHCP re-negotiation).
6-VBAN outgoing stream tested and validated with high bitrate (like 384 kHz 32bits) without send error.
7-VBAN IP Address can be defined by HostName instead of IP address. The local hostname is displayed in the top-right of the VBAN Dialog box, above the username (that also can be defined by user). A Color can also be edited by user as additional visual identification.
8-VBAN-INFO column (replacing UDP port – now globally defined in the VBAN dialog box caption) will display different information. ‘I’ shows the identified IP address (VBAN-PING). Left Click to RE-PING, Right Click to get info on unit behind the IP-Address or Hostname.
9-VB-Audio Logo in the middle of the Voicemeeter caption does not open an URL anymore. This area can now be used to grab the user interface and move it.
10-MENU : “System tray” option is now different from the “Run at Startup” option and can be set independently.
11-POTATO: SEL Button state is now saved in configuration file.
12-MACRO Buttons: Button(n).Trigger = 0/1 instruction allows to enable / disable the audio trigger process on a given button.
13-MACRO Buttons:Load function now should take ENV VARIABLE into account in the string.
14-VOICEMEETER MENU: Lock Graphic User Interface option allows to disable main user interface to avoid unwanted ctl change by mouse. A LOCK icon is displayed left to the VBAN button.
15-Voicemeeter Standard: The [A] icon on top left was not displaying connected client applications to Voicemeeter Audio API.
16-MAcroButton XML file XML possible error in first tag <MacroButtonConfiguration … > that should not finish by /> (potential problem for XML editor, but not for MacroButton application).
17-Voicemeeter Standard & Banana , possible XML error in <OptionDev srasio=’%i > tag.
18-REMOTE API: New functions to manage MacroButtons States, and VBAN instructions too: “Button(i).State = 1 or 0”, “Button(i).StateOnly”, “Button(i).Trigger”.
19-VBAN-CHAT: Right Click on VBAN logo opens the VBAN-CHAT Dialog box to chat with any connected VBAN device.
20-RECORDER: REC Button appears as PAUSE button when recording to suggest this same button can be used to PAUSE and RESTART the recording. The PAUSE status is also now existing in Voicemeeter Remote API.
21-MENU: Load File On Startup allows selecting a file to be loaded on Voicemeeter startup. Hook and Run items are now placed in submenu to reduce the main menu height.

Re: Voicemeeter Version History

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2020 7:04 am
by barium
sticky me

Re: Voicemeeter Version History

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2021 4:52 am
by xcasxcursex
Please do sticky this thread. It always gets buried and hard to find when there's a new release.

Re: Voicemeeter Version History

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 7:51 am
by Vincent Burel
it is.

Voicemeeter Version History (MAR 2021)

Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2021 2:44 pm
by Vincent Burel
Correction / new functions / /
1- VMR: add instructions to save/load Master EQ setting for a given BUS (Command.SaveBUSEQ[j] / Command.LoadBUSEQ[j]).
2- MASTER EQ: Right Click to change scale to -36 -54 or -72dB.

Correction / new functions / /
1-MIDI MAPPING: Tape Playback Gain Control (was missing in previous version).
2-MIDI MAPPING: Secondary MIDI input device is also forwarded to MacroButtons.
3-MACRO BUTTONS: separate System Tray and Start on Windows Startup option.

Correction / new functions / /
1- VOLUME APP LIST: avoid possible deadlock if a connected application was not responding. This could freeze Voicemeeter, waiting for application reply in some information gathering.
2- RECORDER OPTION: arming status (STRIP or BUS selection was not stored in config file).
3- MACRO.BUTTONS: show application when running it twice (show app if already launched).
4- MACRO.BUTTONS: MIDI Output selection checking. MIDI device selection or deselection were not working well.
5- SETUP PROGRAM: close MacroButton app and add x64 Potato shortcut only on 64 bits O/S. Check the setup program name in case of de-installation, must be the same than the one registered in ADD/Remove program list (this is to avoid to deinstall Potato by banana installer for example).
6- AUDIO DEVICE. Disconnection detection (device name are displayed in red), ASIO Device disconnection validation and AUTO Reconnection process revision.
7- MIDI MAPPING: VBAN MIDI output is updated according VBAN MIDI out Stream (ON/OFF and Name).
8- VOICEMEETER REMOTE API: _RunVoicemeeter function was not working in 64bit DLL (trivial 64 to 32 registry access problem).

Correction / new functions / /
1- VBAN UDP PORT: displayed in red in case of use by another application (a warning dialog box is also displayed).
2- VBAN IP HOST ADDRESS could not display all Ethernet adapters type (some WIFI adapters cannot be listed).
3- MIDI mapping: control list has been re-arranged and user can now define a secondary input device (for a secondary MIDI controller) Left-Right PAN control has been added. 4 first applications connected to 3 virtual inputs can now be controlled by MIDI (volume and Mute).
4- MIDI mapping: a MIDI output device can be defined to send feedback to the Input MIDI device (‘F’ button activate the feedback process for each control ‘FF’ for double feedback).
5- VBAN MIDI Out Stream has been added to outgoing stream list to send MIDI Feedback or forward other MIDI streams through the VBAN network.
6- VBAN: UDP PORT per stream can be configured again by right click in the info zone to switch the display to individual UDP PORT or coming back to INFO (Ping = ‘i’).
8- M-Audio M-Track Duo ASIO driver compatibility checking.
9- DEVICE LIST could include MME Voicemeeter device in some cases due to registry access change (for 32bit Voicemeeter running on 64bit Windows). Voicemeeter is not expected to use its own virtual device as physical device (loopback).
10- SYSTEM SETTINGS: Engine Mode and WDM Input Exclusive mode has been removed.
11- APP VOLUME: shows now the current meter level for each app connected to Virtual inputs. Right click allows to enlarge this section to see up to 11 applications (instead of 4).
12- VMR: COMMAND Command.Reset = 1; is now working again.
13- VIRTUAL STRIP: 5.1 PAN POT: pan_y was not correctly limited in the LOAD process and in Voicemeeter Remote API (now it’s actually defined in the right range:-0.5 to +0.5).
14- RECORDER: Eject Command now works while recording. Current file in use is stored in config file.
15- MACRO BUTTONS: Mouse X1 and X2 button should now work as shortcut key.
16- MOUSE WHEEL: increase compatibility with mouse wheel (to move gain slider).